Rescue Journal

all byyyyyy myyyyysel-lff...alllll by myselfffffff...(its a song.)

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2013

tonights run was boring. i sat on the hill all by myself while every single dog buggered off to do their own thing. riley and capone are feeling so very much better, they don't need to rest and conserve their strength, they now have energy to be dogs.

of course this is not all good news. i lost sight of everyone and soon i heard the unmistakable sounds of that idiot capone's nails scrabbling on the siding as he tried to climb in the windows of the barn.

doorknob, get off of there, you leave the horses alone!
be a good dog or i will withhold your pain meds!

preacher is starting with a bit of a rectal prolapse, oh freaking yay.

i am not sure why this laptop's connection to the internet is so persnickety, but it is driving me insane. i went looking for a new computer tower on my lunch break. what i found was a computer desk that i want to get.
holy shit the freaking thing not only is a decent size but it is on wheels which means we can easily pull it out to clean behind it. cleaning behind this current one is near to impossible which is pretty much why i think the last computer crapped out.

oh well, not to be impulsive..the thing is 2 hundred bucks so i am pondering about pro's and con's.

i was just watching one of those reno shows and it has reminded me, i want a real kitchen.

what is with me recently?..i want a new desk, i want a new i becoming a wannaholic? that would pretty much suck considering where i actually live.

well one more shift, then the weekend off, not that any weekend is really days off. but at least i am home so that is good.

no headache today...yay!



guess you are getting ready to tell me off. hey you said i was a n asset to your place. not so much anymore lol


lol just wait i want his pic too i thought you were getting a new computer on tues. no pressure


sorry carol to be a pain in the ass but my boy has been gone a whole week now. hello?