Rescue Journal

miss congeniality not

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2013

there is no doubt that my human popularity score is directly related to whose needs i meet.
today i came in contact with 2 sets of joe public...set one doesn't think too much of me, set two thinks i am a pretty great someone.

set one showed up here without an appointment to meet one of the dogs. i am on the phone to the vet getting test results and medication orders and just about to go out the door to pick up barn feed and meds.
it was really bad timing, i wasn't prepared and had not planned this into my day.
and while i was not exactly over joyed or welcoming, i did remain polite and let them meet the dog. and i suffered in silence the "well if the dog is too busy" and the"we would give her better home then she has here" remarks. none of felt all that warm, fuzzy and friendly.
this is a shame because had i known they were coming and had i known a bit about them before they came, i might have been more in the mindset to figure out if this was the right home for cc.
now that opportunity is gone.

the second set of folks to come out, brought the new old diabetic cat. they were late and missed the appointment time because they are trying to move house today. so when they called, i said not to come now until 2 so i could run down to the feed store and get stocked up on the barn food. and they were ok with that.
once they got here, i was ready to meet them and their very sweet old cat. the man had in the rush and chaos of moving day, forgotten to put rocko's insulin in his bag. 90 years old, an emotionally stressful day, he got teary when he realized his mistake.

it wasn't a big deal, while i did not have that type of insulin here..i still need to go to pharmacy to pick up some meds. he said he would drive back to maple ridge to get it..i said not to worry, i would pick some up as i needed to go back into town anyway. this man and his daughter were grateful. fate stepped in at the very last minute and found the cat a safe place. and i knew they really liked me a lot, because i run this special and very helpful place.

i have no problem twisting myself into pretzels to meet genuine human needs. i have a real problem doing the pretzel as a matter of my time being allocated depending on others convenience,

anyway, i know i am bitching here but there is a solvable issue underneath all my current complaints.

i am BUSY, especially on days off. i plan every single minute of every day off to get what i absolutely need to get done, done. please NEVER tell folks it is ok to just drop in here without a confirmed appointment with me. i have not worked extra unknown people stuff into my day.
it would be nice if i was more flexible but some days i just don't have that luxury so please don't set me up to piss people off.

this is not a drop in center...there are signs posted that clearly state appointments are required. all of us know that. it is not fair to people to send them out here if i don't have time to give them what they want. and it is not fair to me to put me in a position of appearing to be a meanie because today is the only day i have free to pick up 600 pounds of feed...tomorrow i am just as busy with other things and again i have the whole freaking day already planned out.



she didn't know who she was speaking with and it doesn't really matter as long as we all say the same that confirmed appointment times are necessary.


Any one who makes contact with me I make clear tours are excatly that. An opportunity to meets all the guys and see what we do. I offer to meet them personally if they just want to meet one dog. I also let people know if I will be there that weekend or not.

I'm sorry if it was someone I was speaking to.