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this would be something i really believe one should not have access to life saving medications because of the cost. please access the link in the email and sign the petition.

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2013

hello, Carol-

i hope you're doing okay- i've been watching the blog regularly.

i wouldn't normally email to ask this. it didn't feel right to ask you in the blog, or through messages. i'm doing it because i think i could use your help, and it won't take any time at all.

i'm on a drug called Kalydeco, which has helped to significantly reduce my CF symptoms. however, now that the Blue Cross plan has changed, i won't have access to it anymore until Pharmacare (and BC) decides to cover it.

the cost is astronomical- the cost of a mortgage, per year. (300,000$ CAD or thereabouts).

the BC government is dawdling in deciding whether to cover it or not, even though it's been approved by Health Canada for over 20 months. they're presently saying they won't even consider looking until it until the end of the year. (after saying they would look into it 5 months or so ago).

mum has been following the progress of the drug for over 7 years. i was able to access a 3 month supply of it before Blue Cross' plan changed, and my health has changed dramatically as a result.

the cost, of course, is what's frightening. what scares me is what's going to happen to my health when i stop taking it.

the CF foundation has launched this petition, focused on Alberta's premier, to try to encourage them to approved it in Alberta. (they're the main province who are actually interested in looking to fund it. Quebec said no, due to the cost).

i would really appreciate it if you signed this, and passed it around to as many people as possible.
if Alberta approves it, BC likely won't be far behind.

i would really appreciate it.



Shelagh--a clickable link would be best, but no need to retype the whole thing. Just hold down the left key/button on your mouse and drag the courser over the web address to highlight it, then hold down the Crtl key and press the letter C to copy the address. You can paste it by pressing Crtl and the letter V.

Another method is to click the right mouse key/button and select 'copy' after highlighting the web address and then select 'paste' via the same right mouse key/button. :-)


I just went to, typed cystic fibrosis in the search engine and the petition came up

shelagh f

who could afford something like that? In case you
don't know CF is cystic fibrosis, no cure only
treatment. I will gladly sign the petition,
but I'm wondering if someone knows how to make it
so its underscored and we just have to click on it,
instead of typing all that in, easy to make a mistake.
Curt, is that something you can do? I am no tech.


That is very similar to meds for multiple sclerosis too. The one I was on for 12 years cost $1,700/month. I was lucky cause my plan covered it but the general public was not covered for years. I wish you good health.