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odie capote

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2013

all these years in rescue and i have never peed on an animal before. they however have at one time or another peed on me a thousand times so far.
whatever. mini got a nice warm sudsy bath out of the deal. its fair.

anyway back to last night and more fun stuff.

june, mystic and boomer are quite the little playtime posse. they play three-way tug, keep away and chase. odie decided he wanted to make the play posse fourth so he is runniing and bouncing around the posse's periphery, always about four feet or so away from them. he can hear, smell and feel them play but he can't actually see to physically engage in the play. so he bounces around like an out of sync wheel, trying to be part of the play but not really.

but it was the look on his face that ran right thru my heart...his face was totally wide open and happy...he was so utterly joyful. Dr, Jekyll was having a blast and Mr. Hyde was nowhere around.

odie lives a hard life...blind, diabetic...still quite young in mind and heart. he lives in a world where he can't see if he might run into things, or if someone might step on him, or bump into to him and it makes him overly sensitive to what is going on around him. being and not seeing puts him at possible risk.
which makes him a bit irritable when he needs some quiet time and space and is why he sometimes overeacts.

i know folks sometimes have trouble getting past him when he is in one of his moods. i always alert him before i try to go by..."excuse me odie" tells him, i know he is there, and i will take care not to step on or bump into him while he rests. i think he appreciates the heads up that an oafish human is not only passing, but is being politely gentle in their passing...not just barrelling by.

or maybe it is just because we live together that he lets me step over and around him without a blink of his eye.

i do have to say, i find it a tiny bit funny when odie lays in the doorway effectively trapping lynne in the kitchen. she wants by, he doesn't move...the standoff is kind of somehow cute.

i am glad we didn't lose odie a few months ago...he is a pain in the butt but he also is a pretty cool dog.



is there any vet school doing clinical trials on retinal transplants for dogs that might take Odie?


it brightened my day to hear that Odie had some fun. maybe he can go out with the play-pack more. he may have a mr. hyde side but he has a very sweet face.


Thanks Jamie, I now have you saying Odie-O's repeating through my head (as I hear you say it to him when we are both there

janet nicholson

Thank you Carol - that was wonderful to read about Odie having fun with June, Boomer and Mystic. May I suggest the staff wear shin guards like the hockey players do when they enter Odie's lair? Maybe attacking interlopers is the only way Odie knows to have fun? Maybe playing "with" June, Mystic and Boomer" will help his disposition? It must have warmed your heart to see him so happy. Those are the special moments, aren't they?


no no carol, you find it a lot funny. lol i guess once bitten twice shy and odie does move with great speed, kind of like a rattlesnake, he just strikes out. he is very cute tho, especially when he is not in your way. ah the trials and tribulations of being a volunteer. i think i need danger pay. or at least a shot of baileys just kidding.