Rescue Journal

that gawd darn fish

Carol  ·  Jul. 30, 2013

i get home an hour late from work so i did cut the pm run a bit short. i am calling and calling and calling to jake who FINALLY happily waddles up the hill with that dead fish in his mouth.

i tell him..."you are NOT bringing that thing in the yard. you will be a dick head with it and get in fights with everyone so put it down."

he puts it down.

"ok come on in."

he picks it up.

"Nooooo! leave it there."

he puts it down.

"ok, come on then".

he picks it up.

"arghhh. fine you stay out there with that dead thing and eat it if you want to but don't blame me if you die of food poisoning."

10 minutes later he is barking at the gate to come in without his fish so i let him in.
i wonder if it is still out there or if he ate it? i wonder if he will get sick?

freaking dead fish.

note to all staff tomorrow..can you please check out the back yard for a dead fish and get rid of it if it is there before jake goes back out?

(its so nice to have staff to search and find and toss dead fish out!)



See, once & a while it pays off to have the power to delegate tasks - hahahaha!


LOL. I have the same disagreement with my Tonka and his ball.... I say no balls in the house and he drops it, I open the door, he picks it up and I close the door and etc and etc.... Lol
We once had a bad incident with the ball in the toilet...then it got flushed and can guess the rest.
NO BALLS IN THE HOUSE! Lol but he always tries.
Thx for the smiles..... And the previous,Odie story too. I can just picture him trying to play with the others. My husky, although not blind, does the same sort of thing with her brothers, she wants to play but just doesn't seem to know how. Might be bait of a breed thing too.
:) happy trails all!


who else do you know who gets paid to look for dead fish. you can be our head dead fish hunter!

the dogs might help you find it but pick one (not odie) who won't bite if you try to take it away..oh and not mini cuz she just had a bath. and no one who hangs out on my bed cuz i don't want to smell dead fish when i go to bed.

hmm...who has a good nose, won't roll in it and won't bite to keep it...bambi! she's too fat to roll and she has no teeth!


LOL those guys and dead fish.

reminds me of taking Charlie to the dykes and once he caught a whiff of those dead salmon, he DOVE for them.

the stench never really went away until we got his hair cut. bathing made no difference! there was always that "eau de garum" tinge.

shelagh f

I really hope he either ate it, or one of the staff
find it. One of my dogs rolled all over a very
dead fish once. It was late in the evening and I had
to leave her outside for the night, much to her
dismay. I have never smelled anything so bad, had
to go get that skunk wash the next day and do her twice before I could go near her. Hope you find it Erin,
though if it is there, you should be able to smell it


Thank you! for that laugh!!! I can totally picture that little scenario!