Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2013

preacher and jazzy are full of beans this morning, chasing each other around. I don't mean to be a kill-joy, but knock it off. that's too noisy and busy for this early morning, I just got up.
energy? where for art thou??
someone forgot last night to plug me in, I feel depleted right now.
but..depleted is better than deleted.
hope floats I perk up by the time I finish my tea.

good lord, how high jazzy can scream. she got a bit too rambunctious and preacher said don't be so freaking rough with me.
I told you guys to knock it off, this is too early for me.
why the hell is the house phone ringing at 0630? are people insane to call this early?
good thing I NEVER answer that phone or I might say something mean.

I haven't answered that phone in more than 2 is for outgoing calls only. the message says not to leave messages on that phone because calls to that number will not be returned and directs folks to our website instead. that was the one huge mistake I made in rescue...originally making that house phone number accessible to the has never brought me anything but true grief. that's why I get mad when folks give out my cell phone number without my permission, soon my cell will be just as constantly ringing with everyone's problems they want me to fix.

ahh, jazz got hurt, then she sulked and now she sleeps...yes! its quiet again.

crash is awake now too. he thought something exciting was happening when preacher and jazz ran over top of him. so now he is standing in the middle of the room, trying to decide what he should do. I think he should lay down and go back to sleep. he may not be able to figure that out tho. that dog' brain works in super slo-mo.

3 more days then I get 5 whole days off..i just want one day to sleep til I wake up on my own. I don't care what time I wake up at, I just want my body to decide when it has had enough sleep cuz that definitely wasn't today. I want to leave crash standing somewhat dazed in the middle of the room and go back to bed. that would make this a pretty good start to the day.

I don't really have any interesting updates, everyone seems to be holding their own. and I don't really have any murky or deep thoughts in me this morning, just wishing my head was still on my pillow.

too bad I can't just bench myself from playing todays freaking game.

oh well fake it til ya make it I we go...

yay, its a beautiful day......