Rescue Journal

we lost brit.

Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2013

she was doing really well today so the staff moved her back to the mp room. Dionne said just before she left at 5 pm, she noticed brit had started panting, right after she got her pm meds. I got home about 530, just as Dionne came back because she was worried. brit was still panting but I thought it was pretty warm in the mp room. I also thought her belly looked like maybe it was full of fluid but she does have that pot belly look from her cushings disease too. I brought her back to the house to watch her tonight figuring I might have take her in for an emergency check later if she didn't improve when it cooled down a bit. I took the dogs for a quick run, was back in the house within half an hour and Brit was dead.

I honestly think if the meds hadn't helped her stabilize a bit by now, they probably never would. hearts are funny things, sometimes you can bring them back from the edge and sometimes you just can't. what bothers me is until a few days ago, I wasn't the least bit worried about Britney's heart. I worried about her eyes and her cushings disease, I worried that cc was at meal times sometimes snarky with her and I didn't want brit to be upset, so we started to feed her separate.
but I wasn't worried that she would hit an end of life crises and we would be unable to prevent her death.

I didn't start to worry about that until the other day when we suddenly found out her heart was so bad and today with her improvement, I thought we had helped her dodge the impending death bullet.

I was so wrong in that. last night I had decided to take her back into the vet and drop her off on my way into work. this morning I decided I wouldn't, I thought she was better and the meds had kicked in and I thought she would do better if I did not stress her with another vet visit.

round and round we go. should I have? would it have made a difference? maybe? maybe not? I don't know but its too late now.

rest in peace Britney. I will miss giving you belly rubs. I will miss your....I am starving right now!!! I will miss how you always found me when I came in to the room to say hello.

sweet dog. we all loved you and will miss you.

thank you to all staff and volunteers who loved and cared for her and made saints a happy home for this little old girl.
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shelagh f

i want to send some good wishes for Dionne too.
So many losses lately, you take such good care
of them all, you must be finding this all very


I will miss you Britt...I loved hiding you under the blankets when I changed the bed , only to find you, and then give you belly rubs. Rest in peace, you were a very sweet dog


Ah dear Brit......she always made sure she got noticed on tours, with her famous plunk myself at their feet and roll over....who could resist the cute belly.....RIP little one


I'm so sorry for you loss Carol. Heart conditions are so hard to predict.... RIP Brit


Tears for Brit..she was a doll and was so funny when i would slip into the MP room after barn chores to give a few treats to the frail guys..brit learned to just hurry over and stand with her mouth open so i could pop a soft treat in.

Sweet peaceful journey Brit you were a good good dog.


Sorry Brit Brit, I wish I could have been with you at the end. Love you baby <3


So sad to hear about Britney. She was such a sweet soul and we'll miss her in the MP room.