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there is an inescapable reality at saints

Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2013

for some of us...we just can not leave. there is no other home out there somewhere waiting for us, there is not a pot at the end of the rainbow, there is not another place for us to go where we can happily exist.

this is it.

now I may feel so sorry for rocko, Frankie, fritz, cali, odie, riley, capone, jazzy, summer who all would do better, would be better, who would like better...somewhere more suited to their unique personaliities and their needs, but the sad reality is, they currently do not have that opportunity. and many of them will never get that opportunity for a better life.

I feel the same way...I want more...or maybe I should say less... too. I get tired of constantly bumping into bodies, personalities, issues, pee and poop. the difference of course is I made the choice.

the other difference is, these guys do not know that there most likely is not anything better out there for them. it was death or saints, and that might not ever change for them. maybe one of them will get lucky and one day the permanent or foster home of their dreams will it did for many of the others like it did for bo. but just as many or more did have to accept this as their very final home...there was nothing more.

for me...well I know I could easily have a better life all of my own. I could have a clean and rescue free home, I could again one day collect and refurbish antiques and love the history, look and feel of them in my home. I could have peace every day when I walked into my door and leave the rest of the world outside where it belongs, I could see my family whenever I wanted and for how ever long I wanted, I could invite them all to my house for a sunday dinner and immerse myself in my family as I continue to grow old.

so I wonder who is this inescapable reality harder for...the ones with no other options or the one who makes the hard choice.

I wish all of us were more like boomer, life here is all about just having a blast.

but for many of us we yearn for what we no longer have.

the computer room is better for Frankie. she is still upset and somewhat distressed. but now she can sit in front of me, blocking the keyboard, while I stretch to type these words around her,with a friend to share her distress. that has to be better then a week ago when she was all on her own most of the time over there.

there is an inescapable reality that saints exists because hundreds of humans once responsible for these animals, did not care.

sometimes I wish that I too didn't but unfortunately I do really care.



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