Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2013

I should have gotten those dogs new collars might have saved on some vet care. everyone feels pretty damn good when sporting nice new stuff.
capone actually fully engaged in play bow, hop around in circles with june. too funny to see those two big dogs hopping around like a pair of gigantic demented rabbits. riley had a good trot around and then came and sat at my side. while I was petting him I noticed he was big time shedding BUT he was only shedding his old man grey hair, that's kind of weird.

once they were done and safely back in their area, I let all of the house dogs out for a run in the upper field. odie just loves that...he bounces around on all four feet like he has springs in his legs.

at my suggestion, the staff trialled shane over in the mp room. ooops..bad idea, I guess he hated it. judd however was looking at home over there tonight so I left him cuz he seems to like it ok.

it looks to me like the horses hate the new hay. when I checked on them with gideons 2nd supper, no one had even touched a bit of it. oh yay.... we just bought four freaking tonnes of it for almost 2000 bucks. this is so not great.

that damn cali is still sulking away in her crate. she is eating so that is good but that little unhappy and pissed off bugger is refusing to come out and join the world.

rocko is also refusing to come out of his cage, the door has been open for a few days now but he just stays inside the cage.

cats are so much harder than dogs to rescue...feed the dogs, take them for a walk, let them roll over the bed and life is really not so bad. cats on the other hand are more like humans, they always think they deserve way more than they actually get.

ok gotta go....Frankie is trying to stretch out over the key board and typing is getting problematic.