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Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2013

a wrinkle in my perfect plan.

Frankie is happier and now instead of hanging outside in a cat run and crying her woes to the world, she is sleeping on my keyboard.
which happens to be blocking the access of morgan to the only cat food and water bowl. there is no way morgan is sliding past Frankie, Frankie is slap happy mean.

I guess we will deconstruct frankies cage cuz she no longer needs it and reconstruct a generalized cat oasis on that table with bed, litter box and food and water for morgan if frankster the gangster is sleeping on my keyboard.

there is always a freaking ripple in every pond if ya toss in a pebble or rock.

I am thinking of increasing gideons suppers to four. if lex made his dinner, exactly as she is now (cuz he eats it) but ditched the sweet feed bowl (cuz he is doesnt want it now) and gave him 2 bowls for dinner of his apples and mash, and if I came along a couple of hours later and gave him 2 more instead of just one...would he thru the night, eat it all. he doesnt like too much food in his bowls, but will he object to more bowls of his preferred less.
if he is ok about it and eats it all... it would virtually double his nightly intake. might be worth trying..i just hope it doesnt put him off. he cannot afford a single ripple in his pond of eating each day.

I am worried about rocko not moving much in that cage. if he is just going to forever refuse to come out, Houston has a problem..his muscles will atrophy from inactivity. so I am wondering if I should move him back to a medical room pen. it is far bigger and multi-levelled so at least he moved around in there which is better than just laying in his bed all night and day. I think if he is not out of that cage by Friday, we will have to move him again.
sucks to be such a sensitive fellow without any pitter patter, lets just get at er guts. pissy cats like cali are a pain in the ass but passive cats like rocko are just a different kind of pain in the butt.
oh well, whatever, we have got to figure both kinds out.

I am on the look out for a cheap but decent single frame and bed. my sister is coming to stay here for the wedding and prefers to stay in the house with me rather than all alone in the suite. I have been thinking about clearing out that one back cat room and putting a bed in there anyway cuz I think the cats will like a bed to lounge on like they would in a real home. they certainly liked it when my bedroom was back there a few years ago.
anyway..might as well do it now so I can use it for an occasional guest room too by kicking the cats out for a couple of days.
now I know folks like getting stuff on craigs list but I am leary of that because of the problem in the lower mainland with bed bugs. so I prefer to buy one from someone who someone knows who absolutely would not have bed bugs. and I would need help picking it up and getting it here because I dont have a truck.
so if anyone knows anyone with a good, CLEAN single mattress and box spring that can be delivered, please let me know. otherwise I will just hit the brick and find a cheap one on sale and get them to deliver it here.
oh, and I will need it within the next couple of weeks.

I will stop and look at the brick on my way to pick up the new old cat, just in case there is a screaming deal to be had.

well I woke up at 5 am and that sucked on a day off. I have to have Frankie at the vets for shaving at 8 am and I am meeting Sheila in town for bank stuff at 9 am so I have no excuse for being late when I got up so early.

hah..i think I have time for a nice morning bath, there is a treat and it will be good for my leg!



Was looking at Turtle Gardens blog and they have a dog who looks like June. Sisters maybe???

Bunny Horne

Thank you Bob for the information about the Shelter Challenge. I voted and will do so every single day.