Rescue Journal

there is a demon in my closet and her name is Beezelbub

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2013

I mean Roxy.

the staff informed me that she spent the day terrorizing the bedroom guys. by the time I got home and sat on the bed...ALL of them threw themselves on top of me, their savior (and this includes ewok) from the screaming freaky demon head.
apparently this 6 pound demon likes to trot around the room, up and down on the furniture, all over the floor, screaming at everyone constantly.

I watched her screaming exorcist act for all of 2 seconds and then yelled at her "KNOCK OFF THAT UNHOLY SHRIEKING SHIT RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!!"

she stopped, became totally silent and sulked back to her bed in the closet...I will make friends with her next week after she fully grasps the saints non-demonic rules.

however, the saints guys still won't get off the bed..they are not taking any chances with that screaming min pin head.
griffin used to scream just as evil-ly and they were never that afraid of him.

I kind of like beezlebub, little tiny evil demons are pretty damn cute.

judd stayed in the vets on IV's, looks like it is gastro-intestinal (hope he did not eat something really more carpet strings!)
they will wait for his blood work to come back tomorrow and most likely repeat his xrays but this time with a barium series.
fingers crossed he will be ok, we will see what tomorrow brings.

that is it for the updates, I need to stay in my room in case the demon gets back out of bed.



(especially with a slightly smiling Carol, post yell, as Roxy the Demongirl sulks off to her closet. with a little airborne heart. <3).