Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2013

baby was up and walking today, altho she was kept in the barn so as to not over do it. I started her on cartrophen injections on my lunch break. most likely no one has ever tried it on sheep before because sheep are a commodity not a household pet. but I figure two works on dogs and cats so why not on a sheep? AND baby is so a saints family pet, she likes being petted and we like petting her too.

hope it helps her, I will let you know how she does.

apparently odie was in a bad mood today..i see tonight he has a hot spot so I bet it is irritating him. I cleaned it and started him on meds, Monday he will have to have a bath, it looks like it is time again.
Gideon ate really well today so he must know what I have been thinking. and now I am thinking if cartrophen helps baby with her arthritis, it might help Gideon too. now cartrophen was actually originally developed for arthritic horses so why did I not think about this before now???
because I am stupid.

I think I am starting to lose the waiting game battle on my injured leg. it is starting to hurt. I think this is going to end up being a freaking long term, gawd awful mess.

thx so much odie, maybe one day I can return the favor...with a baseball bat.

bedtime is mostly done, just feeding and diabetics left. I think I will go let beezlebub out of her pen for a bit and read my book so I am in the immediate vicinity to give her shit as needed.