Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2013

lance is doing ok...better than I expected. I think he is a dog used to being wild and free and confinement is a bit wearing for him. oh well, he will figure it out eventually...and then he can have more freedom...with limits.

dogs aren't any different from people...they want what they want even if they are not ready for it yet. which from the human side of wanting... is exactly why there are so many homeless pets!

he kind of reminds me of cole..not that he looks like him or even acts like him (cole was a very serious dog!) but that craving to run free.

freedom is not all it is cracked up to be..look what it got me...saints!

well, I better get little miss crazy horse out for her walk and the diabetics poked and the cats all fed.
I have the freedom to do whatever it is I want to do but I have so much stuff that has to be done that freedom really has become a moot point.

free as a bird? how free is a bird? they have to spend all day trying to find enough to eat.

trust me lance...freedom is a fantasy, my advice to you is....get over it.



Im sure i told you carol, it was when she was really little (doesnt THAT just make it better,shit) she bolted out the front gate but discovered lauras jeep in the back parking lot, she had her dogs in it, it was enough of a lull that i grabbed her. Youdve known about it then, i cant keep secrets if i tried!


Dawne i havent done anything differently, maybe in your reply, ask them where they heard of her/us? Lynne, dionne and i were just talking about past escapees, bibi, and my handsome bear. I wasnt there for either of those incidents, but i personally had to chase mystic down, even i didnt know i could run that fast!


8 emails about Cece in less than 12 hours, some from as far away as Ontario. Was she recently written up somewhere new?


hope he settles soon he is a totally lovely dog, in looks and personality. you can tell hes a runner, when i walked him in the yard he was looking for his opportunity. to get out. hard to catch those dogs when they escape. remember bibi?