Rescue Journal

the gong show.

Carol  ·  Sep. 1, 2013

my neck is killing me..i either have whip lash from capone yanking me around with his freaking leash or my neck is sore cuz last night I had a crappy sleep. it was a bad dog night. lance did not want to come in, he wanted to sleep in the dog house. that meant I had to leave the door open just in case which meant jake, andy, mystic and june would periodically hear something outside that one of them had to bark about.
up and down, force everyone in including lance, listen to him whine and cry while confined and then give in and open the door til some idiot barked some more.
it was a yo-yo sleep disturbed night.

and this is why I really do not give a shit if I have a bad day or two and look like a bitchy loonie tune on the blog. I have to live my bad days and nights I am not hiding them away pretending I am some super sucker I am not. I earn the right to be a nutbar once in a while when everyone around me is driving me nuts. and I KNOW when things are not going right.

I will tell you why I do not stay totally is because I know it is not personal. somedays, sometimes, someways, all living beings are somehow fucked, you, them (as in the animals) is not personal, it is just how things sometimes are.

one day lance will be easily movable from point A to point B and not have a flipping fit because I need too much from stay where I want him to stay. one day I will have both of those pigs in an inescapable pen that they can not break out of.
the one good thing now I am no longer wondering if that first fight was a one off and I was keeping them apart unfairly. I was worried that maybe they were suffering from each others loss.
yeah ok...not so. those two pigs for whatever reason are done with each other forever.
it is quite sad really but shit happens to pigs and their relationships too.

heads up for next weekend...I will be busy and not around both Saturday and sunday.... jenns wedding and my family are all coming in. I will run back and forth between family and saints to try to meet my commitments to both. but this is the one time that I regret buying a farm out in mission. it adds even more stress due to traveling time.
anyway...I am not only hoping that the animals behave themselves and do not totally screw that weekend up, but I am also hoping we have enough comfortable volunteer coverage. by that I mean, long term folks who can deal with whatever periodically does go on around here...the weekend will be a disaster if the folks who know shit are not here.
I will be worrying until I see next weekends schedule and who is here and who is not.

tonight is the wedding rehearsal and I have to be in new west by 6 pm. that means bedtime routine has to start at 3 and it also means we absolutely cannot have a repeat gong show bedtime of yesterday AND sorry lance..but you WILL be safely locked in the house until I get home!!!

every rescue day is a new freaking day filled with shit that can go wrong. I would like things to always go perfectly smoothly, I would like nothing to ever go sideways...I would like a couple of million dollars and a twenty year old body too.

whatever, you deal with what you got. but on a bad day...I do hate that freaking gong that goes off every time I screw up or do something wrong.


Brenda Mc

Carol; I will be at SAINTS next Sunday, so hopefully I "know some shit" or at least can deal with it as it happens. Hey, did you get an outfit for the wedding yet?

linda locke

Hey Carol, you are amazing. The rainbow bridge master is very grateful on how you help others cross over in a dignified manner. Thank you for your hard work and passion.. You remind me of he sister who worked and died in India...she would become angry too...take care and I hope the wedding went well for you and your family..


hey carol, i had to put jelly back by herself in the foyer, she was going after preacher and odie. she was in a foul mood. the dog bed is up against the dog house outside. i figured if lance went into it i may not get him back out. i forgot to remove it. sorry. erin told me to put phoebe in the computer room. they were all happy to be let outside. hope you had a good evening.