Rescue Journal

real rescuers always wear 2 shirts.

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2013

the inner or under shirt is there as a back up for when the outer shirt has to be put in use for something other than a shirt.

now non-rescuers may wonder..what the hell can you do with a shirt?
i am so glad you asked!

in a pinch a shirt can be used for many things...a bandage, a muzzle, a blind fold, a leash, a sling. it can also be used as a towel or a wash cloth to clean off a dog who just rolled in a 40 pound dead rotting salmon. it can be used to wrap up your arm when you have to get your hands or a leash on a freaked out biting animal. and on a really bad day., it can be used to hang your pain in the ass dog from a tree branch for someone else to find, feel sorry for and take home.
shirt slings are great for carrying injured animals, for dragging stuck dogs out of the mud and for helping those with weak hips to get up again when they fall down.

the trick with the shirt thing tho always have to wear two...cuz no one wants to see you walking top half naked dragging a dog on shirt behind you.
unless you are a guy, then I suppose you can make do with just one.

anyway..jake wouldn't come home tonight, he was back obsessing over that 10 foot piece of real estate that some kind of animal walked thru. luckily I had my trusty two shirts on so I whipped off the first and tied it to his collar so i could drag him home.

while i was busy doing that..lance was busy bouncing back and forth over the fence to bug carl, Emily and joy. that dog clears those fences like a steeplechaser. the only thing good about it is when i see him and yell at him to go home..he jumps back over the fence to the yard. the dog is a freaking ping pong dog.

good thing i like him, he is a pain in the ass.



I wish I had this piece of advice when I whipped off my sweatshirt to try & help that trapped squirrel ( which almost took my finger off ) at least I was in the lower field so my " bareness " was only witnessed by the pack of dogs I had with me...:-)