Rescue Journal

oh my freaking gawD!!!

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2013

so I am picking my sister up from the airport tomorrow and she is going to be staying with me. I suggested she would be very comfortable over in the suite. she suggested she would rather be over in the house with me. ok, so she knows...she gets it..i live in a house with close to 50 odd, incontinent, house eating freaks. I am making some attempt to make her stay at least somewhat barely decent but it is a helluvalot of work (it would be less work if lance quit eating things.)

anyway...I borrowed one of the cat rooms, dragged all of their shit out, put in a brand new bed that no one has ever peed on. I decked it out with cheap but matching new linens including a freaking bedskirt fer chrissakes. I have washed the windows and walls and the floors. I bleached a nice little funky floor mat for the floor. and I sprayed everything in sight with fabreeze just in case and left one of the windows open to really air it out well. it ought to be fine for a couple of days and then the cats can have it back...and they will really like that nice new bed!

the cats are having a freaking fit. they are literally lined up at the door wanting in. the three worst and most insistent ones trying to get back in are coco who leaks urine constantly, fritz who sprays urine continually and preacher who not only drips urine but drops poop balls where ever he goes.

yeah like I am going to let you three toileting terrorists in with all that nice new clean stuff!

I did let tristie in, she knows how to use a freaking litter sister likes cats and won't mind the company but they all aren't moving back in there...yet.

my sister better be pretty damn fast getting in and out of that room or she is going to have a ton of leaky company in there.

new dog in...Shelby is a senior chow/retriever and she has already gone out to permanent foster care with amber's sad foster dad.
one dog out...jelly went to live with lynne as her new foster dog. yay jelly! yay lynne!!!

too bad neither of them wanted home wrecking lance.


Carol Ann

Fantastic news Lynne. Jelly so deserves her very own people and home.


Yea for Jelly, we will most certainly miss her out at the barn & KO will need another shadow , however for jelly to be able to have her own peeps , that she already knows, it just doesn't get any better. It is a good day for Jelly & Lynn.. perhaps not so much for carol .. as I just read this post & the one from this morning..Ouch, Ouch & double Ouch..after all that and now Carol driving to the airport...***Gasp***

Bunny Horne

JELLY AND LYNNE - I don't know who is luckier. I think Jelly-Belly will be one happy dog. I want Lynne to foster me one day. Jell I will miss your big googley eyes in the barnyard, but couldn't be happier for your babe.


I am in the process of trashing out their current and only cat room (why do I always work better late at night??)...they like it when I turn rooms upside down and give them new stuff to wreck!


she is an awesome dog such a sweetie cant complain abou her at all fit in so good wow its all good thankyou carol for an amazing dog


Agree with Brenda, you are hilarious. I had a good chuckle over that.

Yea Lynne & Jelly, so happy for both of you!!!

Brenda Mc

omg Carol, you're hilarious! I'm sure the 3 "toileting terrorists" would love the new decor. Make sure your sister knows she also has to be quick getting in and out of the bathroom - another favorite "off limits" area they love to sneak into.
Oh, and great news about Jelly and Lynne. I know she's had her heart set on him for awhile.