Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2013

just a quickie cuz you most likely won't hear from me again until at least tomorrow.

today is the exciting day of jenn's wedding...I have my mom list of wedding shit that I am responsible for and fingers are crossed I don't screw it up!

my sister anne is here....and because not only did I get a bunch of the extra cleaning stuff done, but also because of our most excellent and awesome staff, I had a really nice evening with her just chatting and catching up on stuff. anne tagged al;ong while I did the bedtime/dog run stuff and seemed to enjoy the routine. AND I even actually cooked her a full dinner, but she did have to eat sitting in my computer chair, which I pushed into the kitchen for her (for those who don't know..i not only do not have a working stove...I also do not have a table and chairs!)

my brother Michael and his lovely wife dia, arrived here before anne and I were back from the airport. they wandered around saints and amused themselves until we got home. dia has painted 4 absolutely BEAUIIFUL paintings of some of our guys for the gala auction.
there is...
50 shades of Floyd
Gideon glowing
and "What's This?"..which is percy, Emily and joy checking out an umbrella.
plus a random dog with a bee toy.
dia is the one who painted that wonderful watercolor of ellie.

next week I will take in all of our original saints artwork and see about making prints. I am thinking we almost have enough to set up an online store for ongoing fundraising...thinking on this, we'll see.

all of the animals are ok...odie has a sore eye. bru is back (jenn's foster) for the next 3 weeks until she is back from her honey moon...bru is NOT happy about this.

crazy horse (roxy) is finding her power again. her tail is back up, she is feisty-ing up, wanting to take on the pigs again during her walk. unfortunately I could not let her near the gate to really get her full crazy horse on because lance jumped out of the yard, into the riding ring, out of the riding ring and into the upper field and was standing at the upper gate, waiting for us by the time we got there...where are you guys going and can I come along??

despite being THE biggest Destructor and The very BEST fence jumper of ALL time... I really like this guy....he sure knows what he wants, he is not shy about giving his all to go for it. he has got self actualizing down to an art.

the entrance/kitchen feels empty without jelly but it is a good feeling of empty because I know now her heart will always be full. love you jelly.

please wish for NO RAIN from 5-6 pm during jenn's rose garden wedding.



Congratulations!!!! Have an amazing day!

I just want to mention I will be by after work to get some signage and donation box from the shop. I did ask Carol and she said it would be ok. Thanks

Pam in Nashville, TN

Congratulation to Jenn and your family Carol! Best wishes to them.

Just thought I would mention I was reading the latest edition of Modern Dog and TUX (Joey) is in it! On pages 58 and 64. I got so excited!


yes have a great time and congratulations jenn. i absolutely love that painting of ellie. it will be hard to top that one. jelly went for her grooming yesterday. maria said she liked having her bath but when i left her i could see panic in her face. i felt like crap but she was excited when i came back. erin gave me a bunch of stuffies. she went crazy over them. she is settling in well. hope the rain holds off for the wedding. as erin said rain or shine it will be a beautiful day for you.


Rain or shine, itll be a great day, jenny will be beautiful, as usual. Hope you all have a blast!