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Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2013

I am becoming far too well aquainted with 0430 am. two days of not falling asleep until then and then having to get up at that time today to run my sister back to the airport.
0430 is not my newest best friend!

even tho I have been preoccupied with my family this weekend..i have been doing rescue shit. there is new Martha of course and I dodged another bitchy dog admission bullet by offering to pay her vet bills so she will in fact soon be adoptable and can stay where she is until her new home is found. there is a new senior northern dog flying down possibly on Tuesday morning (10 am pick up from airco again if anyone is available?) this little guy is apparently a Mexican hairless and his name is Fernando...looking forward to meeting him.

my sister groomed all of the horses yesterday and got Gideon finally down to just attached hair and skin. she showed me how to use the brush technique that works best to pull out dead hair, dirt and dust. he is looking mighty fine nicely groomed so I am really happy. now the trick is to keep up with proper grooming of him so he doesn't get all caked up again!

lance is managing ok right now. he does become very stressed at his house confinement but I am able to take him for a morning run off leash before the barn guys come out and I let him come and go in the evenings in/out of the house once they have all gone to bed for the night. he is pretty good about staying put as long as I am near by.

I was TOTALLY freaking out tho when we left yesterday afternoon for more family stuff. I was so afraid he would chew his way thru the locked doggy door and kill every one out in the fields before I got home. he obviously didn't..just chewed the arm off the couch so that was a HUGE relief.

I haven't come to any conclusions about lance, been too busy to really think clearly.

elizabeth is holding her own, hopefully she won't be so sore in a couple of days.

gideon's sutured area looks ok. I am still pondering brad right now too.

chance is not doing well...lots bloody diarrhea and vomiting for the past 24 hours. I am going to see if we still have an unused playpen out in the shop so I can have him closer to me.

amber the bunny has been quite congested for the past day. I will get both her and chance into the vets on Monday.
bob the bunny was running around the rabbit and medical rooms this morning, guess his door wasn't properly latched yesterday...ooops...that was most likely me from when I was checking on amber last evening. I quite often let him out because he likes snooping and bopping around, he is a pretty cool bunny. but last night wasn't an intentional run was me screwing up and not being careful.

well...I guess that is all of the current recent news for now.
if anyone is able to pick up the new dog from airco. let me know. if not, then I will go down.



Carol..forgot to tell you i took the grooming bags and brushes home..will clean them all up and bring them back next week-end..there are more brushes on the shelf in the sheep stall i will do them next weekend. Pepper is becoming a great little barn buddy..doing the zoomies from stall to stalland whipping around the riding ring like a happy little maniac.

Cheryl Shaw

Carol - I have another painting for you - this one is of Coco the cat. When would be a good time to drop it off? I noted from a previous blog entry that you are planning on going to the printers this week & didn't know if you want to include this one as well.

Ellen Nickerson

Any chance that the Mexican Hairless can go to a foster home? I have a Hairless Chinese Crested and have fostered many different dog breeds.