Rescue Journal

a dart thru my heart

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2013

maybe instead of naming him after a stick that flies thru the air and kills, someone could have named him after the tree that stays put in the ground and grows deep roots.

that dog is going to be the death of me...or him. it is almost like he is on a suicide mission, mr. kamakazi.

could you possibly do one more thing that might lead to your death? geezus lance, quit being such an utter pain in the ass.

you are ripping the shit out of my house, you flick your contemptuous flying tail at all of my fences, you sorely injured my beloved sheep, and now you soar out of here in the dark of the night to chase a freaking pack of coyotes????


really lance??

that's the best you can try to be????

you are freaking killing me!