Rescue Journal

oh man oh man, now i am on a roll.

Carol  ·  Sep. 11, 2013

just tell me how much is worth the life of a dog???

cuz I just don't fucking know.

2 or 3 grand for vet bills?...5 or 6 grand for a fence?

and should these guys have a fucking price tag attached?????

money is not even REAL! it is a freaking made up human paper thing that we place such importance in. we have built our world and all of our lives on something someone made up and everyone else bought into.

stick someone on a deserted desert island with only a million bucks in their pocket and see how long they survive!

geezus lance, thanks for sticking me in the middle of a moral dilemma that most likely has no answer.
and where the hell is god, whispering in my ear, telling me the right thing to do OR even better... telling lance to quit jumping fences and trying to chase coyotes or kill our sheep?


yes I am upset. I am beyond frustrated and even afraid that lance is going to force me to do something I don't want to do.

I don't want to kill him and quite frankly, I don't want to shell out thousands of bucks on fencing either.
AND to top it all off...I DON"T WANT TO LOVE YOU!!!!


I fucking hate rescue.



sounds like what he needs is his own fortress of solitude.
a massive mountain with 12' high fences and just one person to walk and feed him.
if he didn't attack the sheep, i'd say he should be a herding dog.
i have heard of those fences. i've heard they're great! they also have special "tops" of fences to keep cats inside, but with his insane strength and determination, he'd find a way around it.


I really appreciate all of the suggestions/support/offers of help while I figure this out.


This may be a very lame idea....but it's what came to mind ... Thought I'd mention it. I remember thinking what an amazing idea that life vest you had on Fletcher was....what about some sort of weight vest?? If he had a pack full of lead strapped to his back....could he still jump as high??
Like I said....just an idea...

Johanna Hickey

Carol, this might sound s bit bizarre. However, when I drove past Mission Institution on the week-end, I noticed they were doing renovations. Although Mission is an Open Prison,even Open Prisons have sections that are fenced off. (All federal penetentiaries have some kind of fencing. However you don't want the kind with the razor wire!!) Perhaps as part of the renovations there might be some fencing that is left over and that they would be willing to donate to Saints. That could be used to create a sufficiently high fence for Lance.

Anyway, this is just a thought. They also have "wire" ceilings (e.g. suicide nets) which could be put on top of your existing fence. (if they were willing to donate one) which would prevent Lance from jumping out.

If they could be prevailed upon to deliver the fencing, then you would just have to have someone install it.

Hope this suggestion helps. If you would like me to pursue this, please let me know.



Paul is working late tonite. He will come tomm after work for sure. Please dont stress, we will figure it out ( no i dont mean just the dvd player).


I think I would ask myself what my move would be if he killed another of the animals. Entirely possible.

But I am not in your shoes.


This will cost thousands of dollars ... but Patrick (until the last 2 or 3 years) would scale a 6 foot fence so we took 8ft by 4ft panels and had that put up as an 8 foot fence with a width of 4 feet. Before we got the 8 foot high fence we put him a very long line attached to a clothes line. This allowed him access to most of the back yard. But we had to be careful where we placed the clothes line because we were afraid he'd scale the fence while on the long line.

cheryl and stef

not sure if it would work for you but how about an enclosed dog run for him that is all sided like chainlink dog runs the larger one the ones that have the roofs. there might be something on craigslist or someone that has this for him. It will keep him safe and he will still be able to be outside on the nice days I was looking at one for our cats and the size was about 20 feet by 8 feet there were a bit of money but it would keep everyone safe