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a couple of things re: tomorrow

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2013

for those who have offered to help at the pedigree event. please just come to the super store as you are able. I will be there for the full day but if folks are able to spell me off, I can run up the hill periodically and check on saints. I will be loading up here at 0830 for a 9am set up and breaking down at the super store at 4 pm.
still trying to decide which dogs to take (none of the pain in the ass'ers!)

also Diana? can you do the tour on Saturday, dawn has some family stuff she needs to do? I will need to run up here during the tour time because the new dog renny's foster family will be coming thru. but I probably won't be able to stay and actually do the tour unless we are well covered at the community event...I think it will just be erin there then.

everyone please remember to keep lance confined inside the house at all times. he can go out for leash walks but he is not to be free. also please remember to be careful around crazy horse (roxy) she will still bite...i will try to get her out to pee when I get up here to check on things.

if anyone needs me I will have my cell phone with me.



wow can i jump on the bandwagon. would you rather have me at the pedigree challenge than saints as i am not scheduled for there anyways.


we have the best volunteers in the whole freaking world!


I will be there tomorrow and can do the tour if you can't make it Laura.

shelagh f

oh dear, then on the above post, I say I might not
come. Whatever you want me to do, let me know. I
can either, probably not both. Maybe if the pickup
at the airport is not definite, the might be better
to do


don't worry about it dawn...if shelagh and erin can man the event for a bit..i can do the tour if diana is not able.


If no one is able to do the tour - I will make it work...thanks!

Again, sorry for the terrible short notice! ;)

shelagh f

i have to drop off food in the morning. They have
juice apples again, yah so have 3 boxes of them.
Will be there about 0900 and then to superstore for
a few hours.


See u at 830 and I have the signage that I borrowed last weekend as well. Ill just drive myself over to ur shop and u can load me up!!!


i can come later on to superstore and help out oh by the way jellys new name is jb jon thinks it sounds like an executives name is a big company. she is pretty impressed by her new title lol