Rescue Journal

it is not all sunshine and happiness here

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2013

it has been one of those I feel so bad kind of rescue days.

we lost one of the classy chicks today, and not to natural causes. I am pretty sure boomer was the culprit since he was found with a dead chicken in his mouth. I think one of the dogs jumped up or banged into the chicken gate and it popped the latch. and that's all it took for her to lose her life.

it would have been such a simple thing for me to just have put safety clips on all of the gate latches. it is done now, too little too late. I spend thousands of dollars to build them a predator proof fortress and then stop short of a 3 dollar gate clip...way beyond stupid.

lance was upset for a good portion of the day today. he just wanted me to stay close where he could see me.

bru has also had a tough day. he escalated into a full panic attack about an hour ago. he wants to go home. I finally laid with him and he calmed right down immediately and fell asleep. the thing is, I cannot lay with him constantly.

ferdando has done well until right now. but he started crying and barking when I left to tend bru. he is starting to over bond with me so i am not going back in there until he settles himself and goes back to sleep.

it is not good for these guys to be too dependent on me. at night there is too many of them and only one of me.

sometimes rescue is so sad...fractured hearts, broken bodies, frightened minds, wanting, needing something that just is not here.

and I feel so bad about a little chicken dead because of my negligent care.

fuck. why did I not put a clip on there.



Yes Carol - you have a hundred things on your mind at any given time. It's so sad about the classy chick, but sometimes lousy things happen. Considering how many animals you have at Saints, it's incredible that this type of thing happens so rarely.