Rescue Journal

double royal pain in the butts

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2013

while I am not angry at lance for systematically destroying my house, he does what he does to deal with his anxious thoughts....I do find it mildly annoying that he shows not the least sign of regret or remorse or even a tiny bit of nervousness when I first notice the destruction. he is just so blaise (where is that little french accent mark anyway??) about it all. and for freaking sakes I was only out of the house and over in the shop for barely an hour, not like I left him alone all freaking day.

"I was upset when you were not here, now that you are back again, everything is good."

ok..well it ain't all that good cuz now i have to haul the final remains of that utterly destroyed couch to the dump...and we are once again without a couch AND...what exactly are you planning to rip apart next since you no longer have a couch to chew on??

freaking dog and how much damage are you going to do when I have to go out to the gala fundraiser next weekend?!

hmmm...maybe I better leave the destroyed couch where it is until after next weekend?

odie is bad today..not bad as in bad dog (altho he is upset and willing to bite pretty much anyone who comes along.) I mean bad in the sense of that open bleeding mass is really bugging him BIG time. I have him on high doses of tramadol to keep him somewhat comfortable and manageable but it is not working all that great.

I will call the vets first thing in the morning and see if and at what time I can bring him in...I will need a couple of hours of total peace and quiet around here first to effectively sedate him. if he gets himself wound up, the sedation will not work. why can't he just be a normal dog that I toss into the car and take to the vets???

you know..I gotta lotta pain in the ass animals right much pain can one ass take?



Thanks. But I'm not a gala kinda gal! I would love to spend time with the dogs. I work till 5 so can come right after. Is that early enough??


it would help a lot only have to lay on the bed with the bed buddies and watch tv..he just likes have a person in his vicinity.
but..were you not going to the gala?


Carol would it help you if I came and doggy-sat while you attend the gala?? Maybe he can chew on me instead of ur furniture. I know it's u he misses but at least maybe I can stuff a stuffy in his mouth and play tug-o-war to distract him. Just let me know.