Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2013

I know folks need to know that he did not suffer at the end, he did not end his life in a crises. it looks to me like he passed easily in his sleep. he ate really well at all meals yesterday and was bright and happy and alert. I checked him in the cameras at midnight when I went to bed and he was drowsing over his stall door. when I found him this morning, he had not been gone long, he was laying down in his usual sleeping position, no sign in his stall of a struggle or any distress so I do not think he colic'd, and the other horses were all very calm and relaxed.

I think he just decided it was his time to go and he went.


Kelly Buccini

Gideon left this world with all the dignity you gave him in life. It's not often animals choose their time, too often we have to do it for them. I'm sorry for the sadness and hole he has left in all of your hearts.


odie is ok Brenda, he is feeling better now that it has started to drain. we showered him and cleaned his wound. it looks like it hopefully was a simple abcess altho it may be a tumor that abcessed. I could not deal with him today, it was after 2 pm before they came for gideons body, too late to sedate him and get him in. but I did speak to the vet. we are to keep him on antibiotics, shower the wound every day and flush it out well. I will heavily sedate him on thursday morning and take him in for possible surgery if needed to make sure it is all cleaned up and there is nothing else going on.


You have amazing strength and your heart is incredibly big. I would think it breaks pretty hard also. These creatures are so very lucky to have you.


janet nicholson

So typical of Gideon - to slip away quietly - my heart breaks for all of you who loved and cared for him - and as oone of his his sponsors - I also will mourn his passing - but it sounds like he had a blessed quiet passing - we should all be so lucky - run free, Gideon, run free and be happy.

Brenda Mc

Carol; Just wondering how Odie is doing? I know it's been a heartbreaking day for you, and you've barely had time to grieve and process this huge loss to SAINTS, but I know how concerned you are about Odie too. Big hugs to you today.

another Doreen

Even though it is sad that he is gone, I think that's the best and most dignified way he could have gone.
He sure will be missed though!


What a perfect ending for be able to peacefully pass away, naturally and with no suffering. As sad as it is, it was what he deserved (to be safe, warm, fed, loved and ready to go at his chosen time)
RIP Gideon. You were a wonderful biy who will be missed.