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Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2013


wendy scott

Sorry to hear this sad news about Gideon. He was loved and well taken care of at Saints. He will be missed .


So sorry to hear of this - I'm another blog follower who's never managed to visit, but feel I know many of the SAINTS through your entries. Gideon truly found sanctuary with you - love and companionship and safety - and now he gallops free. My sympathies to all who loved him.


Gideon was one of the kindest most amazing horses I have ever known. I am so sorry Carol, I know how much he meant to you, and I'm sorry to everyone who loved him. He was amazing.


Oh no, I just read this :-(. He will be missed, for sure, such a lovely boy. RIP Gideon

cheryl and stef

So very sorry to hear of Gideon's passing. What a wonderful life he had at Saints. I true White Knight. Run free in beautiful pastures. Carol take care I know how much he meant to you.


Rest in Peace sweet Gideon knowing that you were loved by many and you gave love and happiness to all who met you. Your presence will be missed beautiful Gideon. As I was leading you out on Sunday,I had told you "no running",but I can only say now, is run free sweet boy.


My heart is breaking for all of the SAINTS team. Gideon was the very first of your animals that I fell head over heels for, the beautiful, gentle soul whose eyes grabbed my attention while I was just nosing around the net several years ago. I'm so, so sorry for the loss of the shining White Knight, but am forever grateful to him for drawing me to SAINTS and for the amazing friend he was to those who needed him--a gentle, wise friend. I'm heartbroken for those he's left behind, but bursting with joy that he was saved, that he was loved, and that now he's running free. What an incredible soul.


So so sad, he was such a huge presense in the barn area, I will miss him everyday. I also feel sorry for Ray, he loved his friend so much, on Sunday they were both grooming each other in the loafing shed (by the pot belly pigs) as the rain poured down.

The windvane on top of the barn is a Black galloping horse, this last go around when Gideon lost weight I wanted something to remember him by - so I painted the horse White in his memory. Something I would always see as I worked in the fields.


Could hardly read Mo's poem through the tears, but what a beautiful tribute to a very special horse. Hugs to you Carol, your heart must be breaking. Gideon is at peace now, not suffering, and hopefully running through sunny fields with his former friends from Saints. Saints just won't be the same without him, but many, many people loved him and will miss him.


What a very sad day.....our little white pony had such a HUGE presence....his loss will leave such a void....big hugs to all who gave him such love and fabulous care....

Bunny Horne

I completed a small rug hooking project last night. I presented it to the owner today. I was charging $20 - she was insistent on giving me $50.
In memory of Gideon I am donating the $50 to SAINTS Rescue.

Chris T

I am so sorry for your loss Carol. I know how important Gideon was to you and how much he has taught you. My heart breaks for you.

To SAINTS volunteers and staff - I also extend my condolences to you who have loved and worked with Gideon for a very long time.

Take care of your collective hearts.


My condolences to the Carol, the staff and the volunteers at SAINTS. I think for many people who ready the blog, Gideon was a shining symbol that exemplified the beauty of SAINTS.

Beautiful poem Mo.


Carol, I am so very sorry to read this I can only imagine your broken heart. xx


So very sorry, big hugs to you Carol and everyone who loved him. Sweet dreams Gideon.

Nicole N

Absolutely beautiful Mo! I'm so sorry Carol and barn crew for this crushing loss!


A solid gold heart… stopped beating last night

God saw he was tired, and showed him the light.

All that he taught us, remains left behind

He was a rare gift, truly one of kind.

He arrived in the spring, a child’s cast-off

He’d been passed around, I’m sure he felt lost.

He made some new friends, a pig & some sheep

We gave him our hearts, forever to keep.

As months turned to years, we became best of friends

We all vowed to love him, right up to the end.

There’s hurt in our hearts and tears in our eyes

He slipped through that door, no chance for good-byes.

A solid gold heart….. walked into the light

Much love went with him , our Shining White Knight.

For Gideon

I am so sad


Oh Gideon.

You were well loved & I hope you knew that. Ride free on the wind.

Even tho' I only knew Gideon virtually, I could tell that he touched the hearts of everyone there. I wish I had some magical words to make everyone feel better. Hugs and deepest sympathy to all of the SAINTS staff.

Bunny Horne

Gideon, your photo is on my desk and I look at it numerous times a day while I work. I hope you know how deeply you were LOVED, not only by those that had the honor of meeting you, but by so many more folks that only ever read about you through Carol's blog. It was my deepest pleasure to have served you over these past 3 years. You will be greatly missed. Run like the wind, Gideon. I know your spirit will soar. Say hello to Percy. RIP Gideon - you will forever be our WHITE KNIGHT. xxoo

Muriel W.

I didn't think I could cry over an animal I've never met, nor seen, but I follow your blog daily & know of Gideon's struggle, as well as your heroic efforts to keep him safe & healthy. So sorry.


I'm so sorry. How very, very sad to read about Gideon this morning. His was such an inspiring story.

Carol Ann

Oh Gideon it was your time to leave, but no one wanted you to go. You were so loved.

Pat Barr

I check,your blog daily, am just so very sorry about losing Gideon
Please accept my deepest condolences, he was a well cared for and loved horse.

He will be missed by many.


I'm so very sorry to hear that. May the white knight pass peacefully into the next life.


So sorry Carol. Praying it was a quick and peaceful passing. Love you Gid.