Rescue Journal

it was a good day...

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2013

the folks from envision were great...they tackled the shop and got it well organized...yay!

i took amber (the bunny) into the vets, she had a nasal flush done, a culture and sensitivity swab and a change in antibiotics. hopefully this helps to clear her up cuz the baytril didn't touch it this time around.

thx to Maggie and Jamie for handling the mp building today.

and to lynne for defending lance from all of the bad things i say about him.

thx to shelagh for dog sitting lance, a freaking bad dog!

and as always to erin and dionne for great jobs done!

odie is letting us flush out his wound, he is being a very good boy.

orion and pass are still hoarding the back cat bedroom to everyone elses dismay.

my leg bite from odie is finally healed, i took the last dressing off today...almost 8 full weeks start to finish. it is however still ugly, it looks like i am left with a permanent, obvious lump and scar. thx so much odie. good thing no one looks at my legs.

i am slowly accepting the loss of our white knight, but he has left a huge hole behind.

Sheila..a beautiful handmade quilt arrived in the mail today, i am assuming it is for the gala...are you coming here before the weekend by any chance?

well i better bath tonight and after i change all of the bed linens, the bed buddies and i are watching "the voice"!




Sheila, what time will you be hitting Saints on Friday?
I'll be leaving around 1pm.

Lynne, we'll make a plan


i think i am doing the blessing of the animals in mission next sun. maggie if the stuff sheila leaves you could you put my name on it when your finished and leave it in the mp room for me to use thanks

Brenda Mc

I'm so glad to hear that Odie is being cooperative with the wound flushing - that makes one thing a bit easier for you, and nice to read that it was "a good day" - Back to The Voice now for me too!


Hi Maggie

I am coming down on Friday is that okay if I leave the stuff in the MP room with your name on it?


Could you make sure you let me know which signage etc.
I can use for the Blessing of the Animals on Saturday.
I will be working in the MP room on Thursday


Hi Jamie

That would be great. I forgot to tell carol you were going to pick up the cat tree for her. Oops. I knew about the quilt I just stupidly thought it was coming to my house.


Sheila I will be at Saints on Thursday. I could pick up the quilt and bring it along with the cat scratcher from Bosley's if you want.