Rescue Journal

new horse coming in.

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2013

the barn yard side fencing is going up today...yay. half way there! hopefully we can get the rest of it done within the next couple of weeks.

I might be looking for a paid builder guy to come in and finish off the new pig pen early next week. I am not sure if and when our new free builder friend will be able to be back, i know he is busy. i was hoping that at least the building part could have been done over last weekend but it was just too much work for one person. anyway..he said he would try to maybe come back this weekend if he had time. i am hoping he will, he is a huge asset to the animals here just by virtue of living close and being really comfortable with tools. but just in case, it would be nice to have a local back up to help us get that pen finished up pretty quick...there is probably a couple of days worth of work. so if anyone knows anyone available for a bit of work..please let me know... i need to get those pigs separated and settled asap.... both for them and for worry weary me.

big sigh..priorities.

new horse coming in...rudy is a 29 year old and is not a rescue. he is a favor. his family have had him for many years, sadly the rental property where they have been living, is no longer available for rent. financially, a new acreage property was not an option so it is with a sad family heart that rudy needs a new home.

now i am ok with giving Gideon's space to an old and well loved horse. but i think i need to give Gideon's place, to another old and sad horse who does need the kind of help that we are so able to give. one of the new barns is currently empty, just crosby and jingle's little back corner is in use. i am going to be saving that place for an elderly horse who may at some time in the future, need to be rescued.

Gideon was such a huge presence here, two senior horses might fill some of the void that he left behind...but probably not.

i think Gideon can be well proud of the senior horse rescue road he has built and paved here. i never intended to rescue old horses, they were not my area of expertise until Gideon came to change this.

first there came Gideon in thru our gates, then followed spritely, swinger, sparkles, lahanie, czar, pops, Dixie, flicka, raven and now rudy. one old, discarded but wonderful horse, soon became almost a dozen....maybe one day in the future, even more.

i miss you Gideon, you were a truly great leader.


cheryl and stef

well if you want an old wrecked horse i am heading to the auction on sunday we can bring one home for you if they have any oldies there and they don't go to a home.