Rescue Journal

do it with compassion or don't do it at all.

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2013

the fence is up..this evening I was actually able to leave lance out in the yard with the other guys for some fun play time with only checking on him every few minutes...that had to feel so good for him.

this fencing project is so worth the time, effort and cost.

I felt a sigh of freedom relief from our anxious and jumping guy.

I was reading an article from KOMO news about "the sanctuary of sorrow" in Washington. pretty damn heartbreaking...rescue is not rescue if the animals are suffering, and a rescuer is not a rescuer if he/she can't see the suffering in his/her horribly sad.

ahhh lance, you are so lucky to have landed here..death is not always the horrible monster, sometimes life is the actual nightmare.

those poor, sad dogs.

riley took great offence to our fencing guy working out in the yard...he stuck his bloody big head right thru the window screen and was barking it off. riley and capone have only a small office space to live in. but is clean and comfortable and they can go out into their small yard several times during the day. they run off leash in the field every morning and night, they drink from the pond, they sit on the hill and enjoy the fresh air. they have thick clean beds to lay on and tons of fresh food and water in their bowls every minute of every day. and riley can stare at cats thru the wire or shove his freaking head out of the window and thru the screen to yell at a stranger. they may not have the perfect life, but they are not tortured in rescue either. they are comfortable, and content.

unadoptable animals do not have to live lives of sorrow just to keep them alive. either give them a life that brings them some comfort and joy or for gods sake and heavens mercy, don't make their lives a living hell. rescue with kindness and compassion or step aside and let them humanely find a peaceful and kind end..

when unadoptable animals find "rescue, " do they not deserve so much better then to be forever damned in a sanctuary of sorrow?

unadoptable does not mean it is ok to force them to live in sadness and pain.

I also went to the website and read the other article in his support.

I get what this man believes in...and I understand how passionate he is to save these dogs that he loves. but there is no excuse for lack of fresh food, water, bedding, exercise EVERY day. and if you do not have the resources in rescue to provide adequately for their DAILY needs, then do not take them in. and to every rescuer out there NEVER lock your doors and keep your animals hidden from view, the second you do that..rescue is no longer about is only about you.

rescue is not a dream for some day I will do better. rescue is the today that the dogs have to live.



if you really like the way the fence is done, let me know who did it? we were thinking of making a run for our dogs.