Rescue Journal

this morning

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2013

of all the freaking mornings for me to sleep in...THIS WAS NOT THE GOOD ONE!!!


I was supposed to sedate odie 45 minutes before I woke up...I wanted a full 90 minutes for the sedation to kick BEFORE I took him out the door. now we only have 45 minutes for it to kick in before erin arrives and gets everyone excited..i am not sure that is enough time for it to kick in...please let it be.

honestly, I cannot believe how stupid I am some days,,,why did I not set the alarm????

i could just slap myself!

roxie has finally forgiven me for giving her supreme shit on Monday night. she got into a scrap with jerry, and it totally pissed me right off. roxie better get used to me yelling at her. she is a bad dog even if i do really like her. and bad dogs get yelled at a lot around here.

"oh please little roxie, do not bite my 18 year old, half blind and mentally unstable and violent little dog. please honey, try to be nice..."

yeah, like that will work to get her mouth off (and keep it off) of his ancient neck. i am sure jerry started it because she walked right over top of him. but she has to learn like everyone else here to scout out where jerry is BEFORE stepping into his space.

anyway, she didn't hurt him...jerry fought back with maniacal purpose and i think it took her by surprise,

i bet she was thinking..."holy shit man that old poodle is nutz and that lady is pretty damn scary right now too."

i hope she learned to totally avoid the apricot land (bed) mine.

anyway, maybe she did cuz...she did not step on him last night!

i am sending telepathic messages while i write this...

you are feeling sleepy are feeling calm and relaxed.

please odie, feel calm and relaxed.

shit, time is running out, i better go and get dressed.



I thought I was going to be at SAINTS earlier but I am running late as usual. I will be at SAINTS at 6 too then to pick up Michelle's gala stuff and drop of the posters and banners for Maggie. Erin I am going to leave the items for Maggie in the shop. Julie Hartland is going to pickup.

Hope you see this Carol and Erin.


Hope all went well with Odie!!! Can I please come by after work to bring the donations for the gala? AND to meet Rudy, of course! Should be shortly after 6!