Rescue Journal

hope floats

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2013

so little sad lisa is doing ok. I have her propped up so she can't fall back down on her side. she is drinking water well, empties a small bowl if I hold it for her. she is nibbling a little on the Russell rabbit, hates the organic puree I made. I will go give her some more fluids and a handful of the bunny treat at 10 and midnight, then leave her alone to rest until morning. hopefully she will be able to support herself on her chest by then, but maybe not, she is as weak as a newborn babe.

actually she is most likely weaker because newborn lambs can stand within the first day. I think it will be a while before lisa can stand on her own, but hopefully she will soon, one day.

hope is floating for lisa at saints.



Wish I could be there to help out with little Lisa. So heartbreaking. Please get strong and well baby, so I can meet you when I get back.