Rescue Journal

i think the gala went well.

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2013

next year tho no speech for me..i vote for mo to take on the microphone!

liam is not good tonight, lots of watery diarrhea when we got home. Brenda helped me clean him up, change his pads and turn him. he did finally eat a little later today and he is still drinking well.

I don't know if he is going to make it. he is just so sick and weak.

michelle came and babysat lance and the other guys while we were gone. she got to experience the full bed buddy-ness that goes on.

thank you big time michelle!!

shawn ran nicki to the vet for me...she was not doing well today. they did some bloodwork and xrays..the vet thinks it is her ears again. she is home on antibiotics and pain meds and we will get her in next week for a really good ear cleaning and a much needed dental. thank you shawn!!

johann came back and finished off the new pig shed today....AND in the pissing down rain!!! just the fencing left to do...GREAT BIG YAY...thank you so much johann.

I ran thru 3 more potential applicants for the job here today, they were all very nice. we are getting quite a good list of barn experienced folks that would work out well here...not sure how I am going to choose! we will see what happens after the trial shifts next week.

it rained buckets and buckets was truly gross! the pond is fully filled again so I think when the water tanks are empty, we might be able to return to the well.

I want to thank everyone for the gala today...everyone who came, who donated, who helped to support us. Big thx to Sheila and leila for all of the hard work in organizing our biggest event of the year...and for everyone who helped with the advertising, mc'ing, set up, ribbon running, cupcake baking...everything!!!...job VERY well done!

I am back to work tomorrow so I will see everyone at lunch...hope it rains a bit less!



Gala was fantastic..great job you for Mo on the mic...ROFLMAO...:-)


Gala was fantastic. Not a dry eye in the house when you spoke about Gideon. You did a great job with your speech...


hi bunny/brent...lance has bent and taken out the metal gate between my bedroom and the big dog room.

it really needs a new gate built...but barring that today even trying to get the old metal one back in there to stay a bit would work.


Great to hear the Gala went well. Now that I'm on the other side of the world, all I can do is donate (which I did) .

Sorry to hear Liam is not doing well... He he gains some strength.


Carol, Brent thought he was working on Charlotte's pen today, but since Johann finished the structure - YAY JOHANN - is there a specific job(s) you need for Brent to do today. I am not sure yet if we are out next Sunday. I have a not-so-stupid phone now so I can check the blog en route OR you could phone Brent.

Excellent job done by Sheila/Leila and the entire cupcake team - it was a very fun evening - I hope lots of money was raised. And who the heck kept beating me on the Percy as a baby photo? Sorry, MO, but Brent really really loves the print of Gideon - so no amount of pouting will make him give it to you.

another Doreen

I'm glad it all went well today/tonight even in the pouring rain!
And although I'm sad I didn't go to the Gala, I'm glad I didn't have to drive home in the dark pouring rain!

Poor little Liam, but at least you and SAINTS are giving him his only chance at survival and to know love and caring tenderness, no matter what happens.
Bless you all!