Rescue Journal

lisa, lisa, sad lisa lisa.

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2013

my very first thought this morning before I had even opened my eyes was..."she's dead."

what a way to wake up. I jumped out of bed, and wobbled out to the rabbit room. she was laying flat out on her side in the shavings, somehow she had gotten off of her bed. her eyes were open and glazed and I couldn't see her breathing. arghhh!

as I bent down to touch her face whispering...ahhh honey...her legs started paddling in panic...

YAY!!! you are alive!!!

I picked her up and put her back on her bed, I gave her a nice, fresh drink and set up her tiny breakfast where she could reach. I covered her up and thanked her for not dying and came back to the house for my morning cup of tea.



Possible to keep really positive and not call Lisa, sad Lisa? Name her Lisa L.(Lamb) or Lisa S. (Sheep). Stupendous work S.A.I.N.T.S. crew. Marilyn


Whew! I'm guessing her first night may be her worst, so it's great news to read about how you found her.

I know it's a busy day ... but there are scores of us out here who want/need frequent updates on her condition.

Hang in there Lisa!


I too hope that Lisa gets well, I think she will. It seems that she was quite far "gone", however she was brought to the right place! If Lisa has a hope, she has a hope at SAINTS! I know she will get tender loving care from everyone that is hands on involved with her care and that will surely make a difference to her. She is receiving life giving care and love giving care. As Lynne said "Come on Lisa, get well!" You have a great future.


yes great way to wake up, but thank god you were wrong. hope lisa gets stronger and stronger, she has a great life ahead of her at saints come on lisa get well