Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2013

a morning of I don't want to...

I need to get dressed and go out and check on liam, get him cleaned up, turned, watered and fed...and I do not want to because I am afraid he might have passed.

I need to get the diabetics done but it may be too early, they did not get done last night until I got home from the gala.

I need to put back on my nursing hat because my vacation is done and I do not want to, I am too freaking soul weary tired to go back to work this morning.

what I really want to do is climb back into bed for a few hours...or days.

quit whining carol, just finish your tea, then move your butt in the general direction of the rabbit room and let liam's momentum take over.

fingers crossed that he is still there.

edited to add update

whew and yay, he is with us...turned, tidied, fresh incontinent pads dry and changed, watered...we will have to wait to see if he eats some of the hay.


Bunny Horne

Carol - FYI - the short white water tank is now empty. Brent switched the pump over to the tall tank.

Brenda Mc

I peeked in at Liam on my way out this am at 7:40, and his head was up and he was trying to eat a little bit. Sweet Liam....Please get stronger. (I was going to see if you needed help repositioning him Carol, but I saw you'd already done it and he was nice and comfy)
I had a really good sleep in the suite last night - no howling coyotes this time; but I did get a bit freaked out when I went downstairs to the Shop at 3:45 am to go to the bathroom, and a mouse/rat ran across the floor in front of me. - really hate them... Oh, and I really enjoyed the Gala - I thought you did a great job when you told the 3 stories Carol - not a dry eye in the house when you came to Gideon.

Carol Ann

my heart breaks for Liam and what he has had to endure in his short life. Praying he makes it. Maybe one day I'll be reading that he is one of the pain in the ass
residents. I hope :)