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housekeeping things

Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2013

it is dark, wet and cold this morning. I guess it is time to get the heaters and fireplaces set up and ready to go again.

I will go and check on liam in a half an hour or so when it is lighter and I am dressed.

I am glad this month is almost over, it has been a tough month.

we are starting the new staff trial shifts this week, we'll see where we are by the end of the week. hopefully we will find a really good fit.

and I guess I better start thinking about getting us set up for winter...we need some more gravel brought in to take care of muddy areas and to fill mystic's new holes, the pipes all need wrapping again with heat tape so they don't freeze, the heat lamps in the coops, and the water trough heaters and extension cords need to be set up and checked, I need to get out the salt bucket de-icers and set up to go, and all outside areas need a quickie clean up before the snow buries everything.

and does anyone know how to get the slippery slime off of the pathways wooden garden ties? they are really slippery and someone might fall. I really do not want to have to scrub them all..that would for sure suck big time as a job! we have enough to do without having to do that!

here's hoping for a manageable and safe winter without a bunch of crappy hard shit going on. winter on an animal farm is hard enough without extra hard pouring down.

maybe I am jumping the gun since it is only the end of September, but time just flies so fast around here...a blink of my eye and we will be full into winter.

first things first tho...we need to get our water source back on the well...we can make the first try once the tanks are empty...most likely by the end of this week.

well...that's all of the boring housekeeping business shit..i guess I better get moving and check on our sick little sheep.



Carol-- I'll talk to Brad about bringing another load of gravel for the pathways and Mystic holes, and get back to you...


Hey Carol. I have the flu and I'm quite sick however I will be at work tomorrow. I can't guarantee I can stay my whole shift (I'm going to try) but I will get everything done before I go for sure. See you tomorrow! Although you should stay away from me lol.


Is SAINTS participating in the Aviva Community Fund Challenge this time around?


deck cleaner works. it comes in a container that screws onto the end of your hose. after it sits for a few minutes you just rinse it off. however i have never used it in an area where my dogs are so I have never had to check for toxicity

Bunny Horne

Carol, I've used Simple Green years ago on slippery wood like that. I just brushed it on with a hard broom and then hosed it off. If you think that would work I can pick it up at Costco $11.99 for a 2.96L jug. Oxiclean might work too, but I have personally had success with S.Green.

Brent and I will be on site Sunday but have to leave by 11:30 at the latest - he promised Johann that he would finish off the gate to Charlotte's pen next Sunday since Johann won't be able to be on site.

We already talked that he has to get your bird lamps in place. He also has to take down the sunshade mesh on the pigs enclosures, dry them out and get them packed away for the winter.

If some jobs can hold until Thanksgiving we have no plans that day other than SAINTS and can take as long as is necessary. I'd rather spend the day with a turkey (Crosby) than eat a turkey.