Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 30, 2013

the big dogs are all playing "DOG IN A HOLE."

lance sits in the middle of a big hole and the other dogs run around him in circles, barking.

looks like a stupid game to me but they seem to think it is fun.

the little dogs are all playing " LETS PEE IN THE WRONG PLACE!" I let them all out in the front yard to pee and they sniffed and toddled around for a good 15 minutes. when I opened the door to let them back in, they all ran in to pee in my room.

gee guys, thank you.

liam has had a full bed change, he has been turned, propped up and his soiled linens are in the wash. I gave him a drink, but he did not want to eat. he has had his pain meds, antibiotics and vitamins today...arghhh! what is wrong with that sheep???? the vet was here to check on him and chris said she went off with a fecal sample...maybe that will shed some light on why liam is staying so sick and not getting better.

Dionne called the vets back out to check on Dixie...looks like she was getting ready to colic again. he gave her some pain meds and I am watching her closely to see what she is going to do next....hopefully poop.

dawns foster mumford had to go into emergency last night. Sheila and Leila picked him up this morning and dropped him off at our vet. looks like some kind of infection, he is still running a fever. dawn picked him up after work and he has new meds. hopefully he will feel better in a couple of days.

odie's top layer of sutures have torn open but we figured they would. he still has 3 layers underneath that are holding pretty good.

erin dropped max-cat off at the vets for his big dental surgery tomorrow. hope he does ok and is not too sore afterwards.

I think that is most of the news.



LOL! our Bill does exactly that. he goes outside, frolics with the others, then comes in and pees in the house, the little spoilt brat. we need to watch him like a hawk.
it's okay at times, since he sees our Charlie, spots his action and catching the scent, copies him in marking. Joanie does that, too, though not "against" things. that's useful, but only if one follows the other.
the smell of each other's wee is an instant reminder of the size of their bladders. you'd think with all this rain that they'd just LISTEN and want to go, but nope! clearly, we need our noses more closely wired to our brains, like them.
...but then we might start weeing in the house, but not in the loo. good thing? probably not.


An infection in his prostrate is all they could come up with...Mumford is sulking in his bed. I think he feels a bit violated, poor little babe. Temp has come down and the tremors have stopped.

Huge thanks to Sheila and Leila for the transfer between vets-very much appreciated!


Liam DID eat a few handfuls of grass and dandelion greens, more than last night at around noonish today. I can feed him more anytime you want me too, just let me know. He'd put his head down to sleep but the vet said I could keep stimulating him and feed him more, so I did but he finally just had enough. He was moving more than last night though, at least I thought he was - wishful thinking?


Hahaha I laugh at the dogs running in circles around lance! Nikka did that once to a puppy at the dog park :) Good thing the puppy and owner liked it :)