W4W Evening

Sheila  ·  Oct. 1, 2013

I am sorry I have taken so long to post about Saturday night. I was fighting off getting sick since Thursday but Sunday night the cold came on. Our total raised was $33,300 and with a cost of $4,200 we netted $29,100
I have to say that I really, really missed Jenn this year ... especially now when I have to post my pictures I took from my iphone. I know they suck but at least everyone can get an idea what the tables looked like, the cards with the saints animals and our ribbons for our ribbons sponsorship. Good thing Alison emailed me a picture of the cupcakes so that picture came out good.

photo b3990e41-b973-4c3f-85ab-6a19574c9591_zps32386439.jpg

photo 501bb5d3-833f-4466-801a-78d673c4b8dd_zps4c9193ea.jpg

photo 09212241-3077-4758-b83b-c510dcea58a2_zpsb8b0f694.jpg

photo 1e1f3f45-f5b3-482d-a9b8-1dca747b31e0_zps0f411de0.jpg

photo 49a67a31-704b-4ba2-a289-1fc1841a352f_zps01740a23.jpg

photo a912be18-d011-487b-8914-375179171049_zps421c40b7.jpg

photo 9b5622f3-db4d-403f-a768-3d11b8aecc50_zps1da5806a.jpg

photo e83f8e32-386d-49d4-959d-f8ee968b04be_zpse517e991.jpg

photo 8c03addc-0ea8-4c37-a216-462bbbc2bf08_zpsed116990.jpg

I cannot seem to embed the slide show. It keeps coming up with an error message - but if anyone would like to see the slide show video and hear the music you can cut and paste the url below.


Brenda Mc

oh and Tammy - the only reason I can get away with teasing you about being picky is because I'm probably MORE fussy than you are! - and not just about food.

Brenda Mc

YOU - picky Tammy??? That's the understatement of the year. Yeah, the total is more than I thought too - so that's wonderful. Thanks from me too for all your efforts getting it all organized Sheila and Leila. It was definitely a success.


It was a great evening for all. Sheila and Leila, you guys did another amazing job putting it all together. The animals were well represented, the venue is nice (I also liked the food, and I can be picky)and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The total raised was definitely more than I guessed.
Thank you for all your hard work and the dedication to the SAINTS crew.


Yay for Alison's cupcakes. I'm pretty sure that was why all those people put up their hands for the big ribbon!


You need a shutterfly account to view it (which I do not. Can it be uploaded to youtube?