Rescue Journal

getting back up

Carol  ·  Oct. 3, 2013

I laid in the dark last night and felt lost and shitty, I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. I finally got up and had a big hot chocolate/baileys and tossed down a gravol so I could just shut up my freaking round and round mind.

and I never woke up again until just after 7. too late to call in sick and wallow in self pity.

I guess I better find my big girl pants to put on and get into work.




You say there's a new baby/young cow coming in.Lastnight I dreamt of Emily...she was a baby. Maybe that was a sign of the new cow coming in.



Mumford seems to be much more comfortable tonight than when I left him this am. I will cancel tomorrow and let you know how it goes.


So many friends of SAINTS have expressed it so well. And what would we do without big girl pants?

Lenore Henry

Well said Lynne - there are so many of us Carol who admire the work you do, day in and day out, for these lost souls who come into your life - you give them a second chance when alot of them have never known love and help them begin to heal with your care and compassion. Take care of yourself.



i am so hoping that all the happiness you feel at saints makes up for all the sad crappy devastating times. you have done so much for so many rejoice in that. and lance had the very best chance with you. how many other rescues would go to such lenghts to ensure a dogs happiness.


I laid in the dark last night & worried about you, I know that nothing anyone one of us says is going to make you feel any better/different.. I wish we could.

Carol Ann

I just read about the tragedy. So sorry Carol for what you are feeling. There are no words to describe something like this. How were you to know the depths of Lance's despair at being alone. I for one will take this as a lesson and always be super careful with our dogs. Having big dogs and little dogs together can be dangerous. No blame here it was a horrible accident. Take care of yourself! All you did was try to help Lance have a good life for the rest of his life. RIP sweet little Mini me and frightened Lance. Carol just forgive yourself.