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poking can be fun, or poking can hurt. it all depends on how you look at it...

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2013

99.9% of what we believe about rescue is what we tell ourselves...I am right, I am right, I am right...I know the answer, I know the answer, I know the answer...sometimes we never shut up long enough to ever learn anything different.

I am bad for constantly running a rescue dialog in my head. mine is not so much that I always have the right answers..mine is usually I don't know what I am doing or trying to make some sense out of what I just did. either way, I need to learn to just keep quiet sometimes too so maybe I can learn to believe in new things too.

I will tell you one thing I know for sure about rescue that will most likely never change...

having a kingsized bed at saints is a total waste of space. last night I lay there with 7 dogs plastered to some part of me while I stared at 3/4's of an empty bed.

the dream....

IF I was over there...I could move.


the reality...

IF I was over there...they would be over there too.

owen had an ok night...he slept like a log. I was up a few times to check on him and other than changing his position, he stayed out like a light. owen will be a difficult transition...hard to understand, trust, feel safe, make sense of things when you can't hear or see. we will keep him confined in a small then double sized xpen and gradually increase his space. last night I pulled him out and brought him up on the bed and held him for a bit....he liked that. I gave him some dinner and he liked that too. and that is pretty much the extent of my current action plan...give him a space that belongs solely to him and provide him with opportunities to enjoy things he likes.

oh...and keep that freaking crazy horse away from the new blind guy.

they may both be American, and each was unwanted in LA, they both have their own vision issues and they both like to cuddle and eat and that is where all similarities end because owen is a nice dog and crazy horse is a freak...(plus she not only got booted out of LA, her BC rescuers basically booted her out of rescue in BC!)

good thing saints is no man's land (hah! except for me!)

anyway....apparently roxy was bugging andrea on sunday...roxy pokes andrea hard with her nose to see if she will play. but andrea finds this intimidating, she doesn't want to play that way. so Brenda stepped in to save andrea from roxy and roxy got pissed off at Brenda's interference in scooping her new toy and ran over to Brenda and bit her big toe.

really roxy? you just had to do that? you couldn't have switched over to playing with gerty who is stupid enough to like playing like that?

anyway..I had my doubts on crazy horse and if she would ever fit well in my bed buddy room. so much craziness in such a small package is worrisome but.... she did.

now my worry is with much niceness, might be even more difficult especially if roxy decides she likes him.

I am hoping she thinks he is as boring and about as interesting as dirt because I do not want her thinking he might be fun to play with, I already know that he like andrea, doesn't want to be poked by her.

gerty however likes poking so roxy should just play with her.

I believe some small rescue poking can be fun for some but not so much for others...I am just not sure how to impart this knowledge on to roxy, the needle nosed poking freak.



dogs coming into Canada even to rescue are considered a commercial item and therefore need to go thru the commercial dept. I have stood at the border trying to get the officer to understand that the last set of dogs that came in had no commercial value..but he did not believe me..he said they had to have some kind of commercial value or we would not bother to bring them up here.
quite frankly he was not nice and implying that our motives in bringing the dogs up were less than honest.

it has been becoming far too great of a hassle to try to keep helping these dogs. the only reason owen is here is because I absolutely refused to have anything to do with getting him here...he either arrived safely at our gate or he did not and accomplishing this successfully was the originating rescue's problem.

Cheryl and stef

OOPS i mean it is only for dogs that are coming into rescues or shelters that are under the age of 8 months that will require the import permit.

Cheryl and stef

Hey Carol

Just spoke with a vet from the CFIA office in Vancouver. He said that the only difference is rescues that are bringing in dogs will now need an import permit that can be obtained from any CFIA office or online I believe and it must travel with the pet when coming thru the border. Any dog over the age of 8 months will not require an import certificate only a rabies certificate. Any dog that is being adopted to a permanent home will not require the import permit. So it is only for dogs coming in to rescues and other shelters that are over the age of 8 months that will require the import permit. Hope that helps with some of the questions.