Rescue Journal

it worked out...sort of.

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2013

the NZ meat rabbits arrived just as I was loading chewie (the new dog) up into the car.

the two girls are together in the first pen, the boy is alone in the back pen. these guys are not spayed and neutered yet so don't let them get together. they all need names.

Dr. Katz kindly agreed to see chewie after hours..he is a very sick dog. he is a 13 yr old lab who is a cruelty case...dripping foul purulent sludge from his eyes and mouth, emaciated, weak and running a fever.

chewie has a tumor on the back of his is inoperable. he is on a ton of meds...three different oral antibiotics, antibiotic eye cream, anti-inflammatories, pain meds and probiotics. if we can perk him up, get the infected tumor under control. get some weight on him and just get him feeling a bit better...we will then try steroids to try to shrink the tumor.

we will see how he progresses over the weekend..if he improves, we will continue to treat him palliatively for as long as he can have quality of life. if however he does not improve by Tuesday, I think we should let him go.

chewie is a very sweet and beautiful much like black buddy. however...none of the dogs are to be anywhere near him when he is eating..he is a starved dog and I do not want anything bad to happen. I would prefer he is not around any other dogs for now until we see which way he will go...he is not only starved...he is also very sick and will not want other dogs in his face.

letting the other dogs in and out of the mp room is going to be problematic..for now take them around to the front yard on a leash. I will figure out a better spot for him than in the mp room back entrance way..but I am too tired to do it tonight.

chewie is not to have any dry food...too hard to swallow and he may choke..he is only to have canned gastro three times a day. also because his mouth is currently so horribly gross...he will need his water bowls cleaned and freshened several times a day. I will take care of his meds and feeding on the weekend.

so here we go again...hope is floating for a very sick old dog at SAINTS.

(thx lynne for coming up and letting the dogs out while I was gone!!!)

(edited to add..i have changed the spelling of his name to CHEWIE *(the dog) to differentiate him from CHEWY*( the goat.)



oops sorry were sitting in the waiting approval box and I didn't see it til after I said ok to the others. I can spell and pronounce wellington ok without a second thought...but the girls names give my brain a bit of a double take pause!
this brain is weary and needs name stuff butt head easy...too many names to have to remember around here!

they are good names tho!


How about Hope and Faith for the girls? Seems we use those words a lot at Saints


Welcome Chewie - hope he has some good quality time at Saints and feels the love! How about Sullivan for the male bunny (after my beloved little dwarf bunny that I had for 12 years)?

Susan H

Good luck precious Chewie. You don't know it yet, but you are a lucky boy. Hope is definitely floating for you.


My name suggestions for the new rabbits: Tauranga and Timaru for the girls, and Wellington for the boy, as a tribute to their New Zealand heritage.