Rescue Journal

good morning...maybe.

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2013

someone let that little bugger pepper back into my room yesterday. since he minded his manners, I let the little brat stay.

orion and Passat are bouncing back really well...I certainly have never had cats recover so easily and quickly from calici before. I don't know about herpes cuz I don't think I have had a herpes virus cat before but whatever they had, they are greatly improved so I am pretty damn happy about that and so are they! for the staff...finish off their meds today and then lets see how they do over the weekend without any. if they stay good...I will take them off contact precautions after the long weekend.

man...owen sleeps A LOT...I think that dog has narcolepsy!! I know he is 17 but holy crap, who sleeps 23 hours a day??? preacher likes hanging out with him in his beds, and preacher actually likes sleeping a lot too (whenever he is not causing shit!) I got up this morning and there are the two of them, stretched out and zonked out, side by side....saints sleepy sweetie pies..two rip van winkles!

if all of the animals slept as much as these two do...we would have some pretty simple and easy days.

two more shifts to go...thank god cuz yesterday I still wasn't feeling all that great...altho yesterday was a productive after work rescue day. we took in 3 soon to be dead meat bunnies from bunny overwhelmed SARS, one old very sick dog and a 12 week old kitten who I am pretty sure already has a new home. one of the vet tech's fell in love when I dropped him off at the clinic for his first set of vaccines. his previous owner is one of my clients so I need to phone and ask if this is ok.

I guess I better get dressed and ready for a " brand new, I haven't a clue what will happen next" day.

hopefully not much cuz I am already tired today.


shelagh f

erin, or someone, can you make it till Monday with
the canned food you have?

shelagh f

i knew you could wear her down, Pepper. Try and be
nice and you can stay there

Brenda Mc

Yeah, Owen and Preacher sleeping together is a nice picture indeed.


Very happy to read Orion n Passat are doing well..and the image of preacher and Owen crashed together is just what I needed this AM.....Thanks for that