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ugh,,,its the weekend.

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2013

most people like weekends...I pretty much don't. esp. if I am working.

mon-fri I have 4 dogs to feed/let out before and after work...sat and sunday there are 13.

mon-fri there is one building to whip thru in the morning and clean up the pee and the poop...sat/sun there are 2 buildings to do before I go to work.

mon-fri there are only a handful of meds for me to give, sat/sun there are a shit load before and after work.

mon-fri there are 2 staff here til 5pm, sat/sun everyone is gone and the animals are alone, shut in and making their messes from 1pm onwards until I get home. plus everyone is pretty much over the top with excitement when I do finally get home and it takes a lot of work to calm them all down. and there is still barn bedtime, dog runs, in and out pee breaks and all the soiled/wet linens from the floor to get tossed into the laundry and get done.

heaven forbid, anyone is sick and needs emergency care...ugh...there goes another 3 or 4 hours of not getting other stuff done.

I don't mind weekends when I am not working but on work days weekends suck around here everywhere.


don't mind me...just winding myself up first thing in the morning cuz I am pissy about not being able to sleep in and stay in bed like a normal person on the weekend can. the weekends are stressful cuz I watch the draft schedules, noting the holes in the care.

I can do that..I guess I can add that, holy shit, I also have to squeeze in all that? and I get myself worked up into a frenzy of OMG! I AM WORKING THAT DAY!! and I don't want to have to do all of that!!! and then at the last minute, crises averted, most of the holes are filled and I can go back to my original every working weekend carol list.

I would be less likely to suffer weekend heart attacks on my work days if the weekends were a bit more predictable around here. I know most volunteers prefer not to train new volunteers...but holy shit batman we need more weekend volunteers.

and if we won't take the time to make them feel welcome, train them well so they are effective and safe...I will soon be in a stressed out grave!!

everyone please...find a new weekend warrior, hug them, train them, get them to stay and all of us (esp. me!)will have to work and worry a heck of a lot less on the weekends and wouldn't that be great??!!



Shame I live over 5,000 miles as the crow flies or in my case as the aircraft flies, or I would be there in no time. Keep up the great work you do .xx


It ain't much but I'll be there after work today for bedtime - barn and otherwise! See u then

Ellen Nickerson

Oh the joys of working in the medical profession. Did it for 34 years.