Rescue Journal

continuity of care.

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2013

in nursing, we like to talk a lot about continuity of is the ideal. the purpose is to provide our patients with nurses who know them well and are able to follow them consistently. it is not just about building a relationship of trust and is also economically sound. nurses who know their patients well, notice small signs of deterioration or improvement, are able to respond more effectively to changes in the patients that they have been routinely following. ultimately it leads to quicker returns to wellness, less rebounds into illness and is cheaper on the medical system because patients are more likely to get the care they need sooner with someone who is well versed on their ongoing needs. is the ideal that doesn't get put into practice much because while it sounds good on paper and in speeches, it takes a great deal of committed and continued effort to make it a reality.

now the nice thing about saints is..i don't have to deal with political rhetoric, I don't have to pretend that something is a priority when really it is not. continuity of care for the animals is a high priority for me. shelter animals who are familiar with their caregivers, who live with predictable routines, who understand not only the flow of their days but trust in the consistency of how, when, where and by whom their care is delivered are less stressed. less stressed animals are healthier, happier and in the long run easier to care is a win win for everyone.

I am currently stressed because right now we don't have continuity of care. every day is a new challenge of finding the ways to get thru the days the best that we can. six months ago, I was admittedly mistaken when I thought all areas had finally achieved the continuity that we need. still even tho I was mistaken...for awhile there the fantasy felt like reality and I was happy...every day I felt saints was happy. it was a good feeling.

now I want to get there in the real reality..i want predictable, measurable, consistent continuity for our animals. I want to reach the ideal of their care. and we are going to get there. it might take some time to sort it all out, the current staff may have to carry a temporary heavier and less predictable load, the volunteers may have to chip in a bit to help us out but I am fully committed to getting us there.

these homeless animals deserve continuity to be a real priority in their daily care.