Rescue Journal

i have been meaning to write this blog for a while..might as well do it today

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2013

adoptions...there is a process. fill out the pre-adopt form (fully and correctly) so i do not have to do the Sherlock holmes thing when i am sick.
i have a responsibility to these animals, to choose appropriate and responsible homes. i do not care who someone is, or who someone knows..all i care about is this or is this not the right home.

i caution everyone at saints to understand this one simple thing...i have turned down members of my very own family for certain animals..i have turned down good friends and volunteers..for no other reason then they were not the right home for that particular animal. it is not is ensuring i meet both the animals AND the adopters needs.

filling out the pre-adopt form completely and correctly makes the work easier and less confusing and frustrating for me.

so..before referring anyone to saints, please make sure folks know there is an adoption process in place....for everyone. some folks do not like it..they think it is hoop jumping and it pisses them off. fair enough, then they can adopt somewhere else. some folks are fine with it, they understand that we are just trying to ensure a good and successful match and appreciate the efforts we make.

to each his own. but for the saints guys, we follow the process so i do not have second thoughts or regrets. so that i am comfortable that the home i chose for them is the right home without a bunch of question marks attached.

it is always a good idea when referring folks to saints for any adoptions or even surrenders, to take a step back and let us go thru the process in making the decisions. the bottom line is..i am the one responsible for any mistakes.


Carol have to understand, the decision may have been made having nothing to do with you. there may have been someone else applying for the same dog that the rescue already knew and trusted completely. or maybe some rescues are stuck on their rules...and they will choose someone who works from home over someone who works outside the home. it is not personal, it does not mean they think you are a bad home..they just wanted something different for that particular dog.

I do not have many rules for working or not working, fences or not fences..each dog is unique in their needs. but I do expect cooperation and some respect for the process, otherwise folks are barking up the wrong adoption tree.

every...EVERY... applicant says and believes that they are the perfect home...but they do not yet know the dog.

the application process is supposed to be a journey on both sides of honestly attempting to meet the dogs AND the adopters is a two way street.

there are many, many homeless dogs out there...just keep offering to help them until one of them is lucky enough to find a safe place in your home.


Yes, of course there are lots of great homes and pet owners.....but there is also a lot that don't know what they are getting into....thus so many animals discarded at shelters. Our crew isn't your simple no issues animals. If you don't keep the process standardized for all that is sure shit when things get missed. I have worked at the same bank for 25yrs and they know I would make a great home owner....however I still have to do all the paper covers all parties involved! I know it's not the same but I'm just making a point. I would not hesitate to jump thru hoops for something I really wanted.....bottom line decisions(good or bad) do fall on Carol's shoulders and she has a lot of shit piled up high on I for one totally support her!!!


Yes, but I hope you know that sometimes you need to ease up and trust those that care and want to help and love elderly/disabled animals. A lot of great people out there.

I have been a responsible, caring dog lover for 47 years. I recently applied to adopt a dog from a local Chi Rescue and was devastated to get the form letter. Really? I am not worthy? It really hurt.

I might add I have worked with special needs individuals since I was 17. I am now 47. But none of this taken into consideration.

I am fully qualified as a nurse to take care of psychiatric care individuals on a one to one basis but not a dog I would so love to death?

Sometimes the rules are too stiff, and that makes me sad. Why? Because I work short shifts and my HOME is my priority. Who is at home waiting for me patiently 4 hours a day? My beloved and well cared for dogs.