Rescue Journal

do pancakes make the world a better place?

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2013

please say yes they do.

so in between my diabolically dishonest moments where I sit around and make shit, so far...has pretty much sucked.

the plumbers have come and sort of fixed the toilet..if I hold the handle in some unclear certain way.
the septic truck is not actually coming, they got tied up on a dig up and find FIVE septic tanks farm and will not make it here today. hah!..they should have come here first...we already did the xray/dig and find the tank thing and our tanks are now all clearly marked...they would have had an easier day.

mr. gloomy plumber does not think our tanks are the problem anyway...he thinks our septic field is gone which means a 30 thousand dollar bill...yeah like that's ever going to happen unless I win the lottery.
pretty much anything to do with water, plumbing and septics totally sucks BIG TIME at saints.

the washer machine died..all the backups in the shop leak and the new recently generously offered freebie ain't here yet. I hiked off to my favorite kind hearted appliance store and he knocked $200 off the cost of getting a new one up here tomorrow so we can cheerfully continue on our committed quest to destroy as many as possible, various brands of.. washing machines.

the vet was out...both raven and flicka had dentals..and I hate dental day at the best of times. poor horses drugged into submission with metal things holding their mouths open wide..necessary yes but I hate it all the same.

and then there is chevy..the vet was just blunt. he is a danger to every human and animal with those horns. it doesn't matter if it is on purpose or accident, he can easily gore somebody by just tossing his head or getting pushy or bossy or even defending himself. he said take them off or put him on a truck...horns on cows are too dangerous to fool around with. since sending him to slaughter or putting a three year old perfectly healthy and sweet mini-steer down are not my kind of options...I guess we are all biting the bullet and getting those horns taken off.
I so do not want to be here on the day of the sad deed...nor in the days that follow during his recovery.
gawDAH! why wasn't he done as a babe??? I freaking hate rescue today.

anyway..the feed run is done. angel will probably come home tonight minus the IV. I really feel like knocking myself off but instead I think I will heat up those leftover pancakes cuz I am freaking starving to eat up my feelings today!


Carol Ann

Good to get Chevy done when it is cool and the flies won't be such a problem.


hi lisa, its the full meal deal with both local anaesthetic, full sedation and follow up injectable pain meds. and if your question about blunting is stupid, well so am I cuz I asked the same thing. it is only the very tips that are dead without blood flow, the vet said tipping is not good enough they just become less sharp deadly weapons. and if you are cutting into living bone at any point, it is still an amputation with all that entails so you might as well just do it right the first won't be less horrible just going halfway.

he said the good news is, cows are incredibly rapid healers for some reason and once it is over and done and healed, chevy will be fine.

I still think it sounds utterly barbaric and a good chunk of me does want to just put him down and not go down this road with him...far easier on him and us in the short run..but is that really fair?
I will let you know after we have been there and done that but this is something I don't want to actually know!

note to everyone and anyone if you are ever going to save a calf...castrate AND dehorn them while they are little babes when it is a simple matter of sedation, freezing and cauterizing the nubs, less than 5 minutes...percy and Emily bounced back quickly without a ton of trauma and pain!


How do they remove the horns?
They give sedation & pain meds right?
Sorry if it sounds stupid. Or can they just blunt them somehow?
Poor guy :-(


Erin, you didn't finish your story. I assume Phebes is okay (and hasn't fallen through the wall into the crawl space again).


Lol yup he decided it was lunchtime, i tried to tell him it was early, he insisted. Wth, catering to whims really IS in my job description.


if owen barks, he wants something now please so get on it asap!

sadly no baileys tonight, I am working tomorrow..too bad tho and yes hopefully next year is much better, 13 is obviously not one of my lucky numbers.


I like Penny's well as her optomistic (sp?) prediction of 2014...could it really be any worse ?..Whoops I shouldn`t have said that. Yea Angel..just call me Angel in the morning..Angel la la la la.


Sounds like a hot chocolate and Bailey's day, along with those left over pancakes, Carol. Can't believe all the shit you've been dealing with this year. Next year just HAS to be better?!


funny, earlier i thought phoebes had laryngitis or something, i could hear this odd honk/barking thing going on, when i came to see who was making such a noise it was owen, never heard him bark before.


yes pancakes do make the world a better place, esp if you share them with a very sweet and gentle friend (owen likes pancakes A LOT!!).