Rescue Journal

blah. blah.

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2013

it was a fairly brutal day and in retrospect, I was not ready to yet return to work. oh well...two shifts to go and then I am on holidays for a week.

apparently erin and renee decided amongst themselves to ignore any phone calls from me today cuz I had already overloaded them big time and they weren't risking me making it worse by me asking anything more.
they soldiered thru the chaos...the septic tanks got cleaned, the new washing machine is in, they dealt with the half grown stray cat I sent them, they moved the giant kitchen cupboard out of the laundry room to make room for teddy if he ever actually gets here, the three new cats got taken to the vets and they managed to get all of their regular stuff done...I think erin had to work late tho.
sounds like friday sucked around here...hopefully they forget about it before Monday. and then I will be here on vacation for a week to terrorize them some more!

maybe not...the shop is gross and I can smell rats in there again. maybe I will just hole myself up in there and tear the whole freaking building apart and they will forget I am here. I have to figure out a way to rodent proof that building short of sticking an army of cats in there.

i think we may just have to bite the bullet and stop taking in donated food altogether. we simply cannot properly store so much food that comes in from so many different sources...constantly that shop is just overflowing with bags of food and so much of it is broken bags and outdated, keeping up on it all is another ton and a half of work.

i am thinking a half a dozen more old freezers and a regular shopping trip to stock only what we can store and use in the long run may well serve us better. the animals will be on a more consistent diet and we won't need to worry about all of the many food brand recalls that happen on a regular basis..we will just have to worry about keeping an ear out for the brands we use.

hmm..i wonder if we can afford it? i will have to figure out exactly how much dry cat and dog food we go thru in a month. i am going to have to do some research.

angel is home. she is done with the short acting insulin and returns to her normal insulin routine tonight. she won't have to go back into the vets until Tuesday if she continues to do well.
the washing machine works great and is even working on the cold water cycle so that should save us some money! the toilet flushes again so that is good.
teddy may or may not come tomorrow..i guess we will see.
the new little half grown stray has gone back to his finder...if his home is not found, they are willing to keep him and i think that is wonderful!

well...owen is calling and i have stuff to do and then i am downing a ton of Nyquil so hopefully i do not stay awake all night coughing my lungs up again.



Seems a shame to stop taking donated food. Heavy gauge plastic or 'rubberized' tubs with tight fitting lids (to keep the food fresh and critters out) in several sizes would work. Just clip the labels and expiration date off the bag/box and affix it to the lid or front of the tubs with clear packing tape so you can easily see what's inside.


can't never know what food is in where and you can't keep track of expiration dates and food recalls.

and brent..I want to be able to quit having to kill them..if there is no accessible food in there they will quit thinking our shop has the world's best 24/7 rodent buffet.


Why not use the totes we bought and retrofitted, use the rat bait in the shop. There are no saints animals in the shop so no fear of someone getting at the boxes that shouldn't. Would that not address the rat issue in that building?