Rescue Journal

a quickie before teddy arrives

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2013

exactly one and a half hours for barn and mp building bedtime and the big dog run IF everyone cooperates when you do it on your own.

I did not get to pharmacy to pick up some cough medicine with codeine. actually, that is a lie..i did get to London Drugs BUT I got sidetracked buying ethan a big stuffed rocking dragon for his birthday that was just too freaking cute to ignore and I totally forgot the cough medicine.
shit. oh well, I will try again on my lunch break tomorrow.

jazzy is turning into an absolute terror..she is biting people she doesn't know on the ankles and picking on the weaker dogs. I booked her in for a vet check on Monday..maybe a bladder infection because she has no bladder or bowel control? erin suggested that maybe she is frustrated seeing some of the frail dogs getting lunch when she doesn't? so we will try feeding her lunch just in case too. in the mean time..erin set up a jazzy time out pen in the computer room. she will have to be confined when no one is here to keep an eye on her.

well I better get owen out before teddy gets here..they are going to be roomies..two old blind fuddy-duddies hanging out together.



yes to feeding everyone on the weekend Brenda..that way I know if someone does not eat. and thx in advance for the T#1's!

Brenda Mc

Carol, I'll bring you some Tylenol #1 with codeine tomorrow - I have some here at home. Try them at least and see if it helps with the cough.

Brenda Mc

Jazzy always gets a little bowl of canned food on Sundays, with the midday feeding - as does everyone else - they either have it in a bowl or some on a spoon.. Are we not supposed to feed everybody? Maybe Jazzy doesn't like the other 3 little dogs being added to the computer room, where she's been boss for awhile. She's such a diva.