Rescue Journal

i took a break from sleeping.

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2013

I was cheerfully sleeping til only a half an hour later... I coughed myself awake again. arghh.
teddy is sleeping...lucky little bugger.

sorry mo and kO..I forgot to mention Dixie is fine..looks like you caught the colic in time. yay!

angel is doing ok.
max-cat is doing ok.
new cats..fairlane, yoda and Sylvester are doing ok...test results not back yet. oh and the vet said Sylvester is mostly blind by the way.

if Johanna is checking in...the wee chi's are fine and still very adorable in every freaking way. someone has started ripping up the pee pads and making messes tho..not sure who it is yet but I will eventually find out.

ok coughing fit done..back to bed and trying to fall back to sleep again.
sigh..i bet tonight sucks.



all horses are different in regards to how they may present initially with colic. Dixie just starts acting off...then lying down...she starts to bloat and her heart rate goes up.

daphne is good...spoiled as ever.


Thanks for the good news that the Chis are well, Carol and thank you so much for taking such good care of them. So sorry about the pee pads. I hope they are not making a mess. That's a new game for them. I have a feeling that of any of them, it would be Michael. It would certainly not be Tashie who is too lazy.

All the best and take good care of yourself. I hope you are feeling better.

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Look after yourself.



Curious minds here. How do you tell if a horse is going to go into colic? How is litte sweet Dauphne. She is such a cutie.