Rescue Journal

teddy's first day

Carol  ·  Oct. 27, 2013

yes you can buy over the counter cough medicine with codeine and I will be taking some tonight and hopefully sleeping relatively cough free.

teddy is ok...not making great friends with the volunteers grumpy snappy. he and I are getting along fine cuz I just sit with him and talk baby talk which he seems to enjoy. he is just not ready yet for strangers to be petting him (and we are all strangers to him right now.) he especially likes it when I talk about food, it is so far his favorite topic of conversation...what is for dinner and when will it be delivered?...soon teddy, soon.

max's mouth took a bit of a set back today..i forgot to tell folks not to give him dry crunchy food. he is still only on very soft canned food for now. ooops, sorry memory is not all that great right now.

well I think a very hot bath,a good dose of the new cough medicine and hopefully for the first time in almost a week...a decent nights sleep.
I am on a week of last set for this year :-(
hopefully I can fully ditch this virus in the next couple of days and then kick ass and get some real stuff hope for kicking tidy up/organizing ass over the next week is floating here...maybe not so much tomorrow but hopefully by Tuesday???
please let it be so.



lol..probably not janey..I would sneak home to see what the furry guys were up to...

UNLESS..someone wants to step in for horrid week when poor chevy gets his horns done..i would for sure disappear then if I could!


Carol you need a HOLIDAY! Yes, know you are going to be on vacation from your paid job but have a feeling as always you will work just as hard if not more at HOME! What if one or a few of us far far away readers compiled some $ and sent you away for a night or so? Could you go?

Nowhere far away, just a few nights in a hotel? WITH NO RESPONSIBILITY? Is that at all a possibility?


no cam...max-cat is an spca unclaimed stray...he looks like tony from terrace tho. and tony is doing great.

not to worry re max Brenda it was my mistake not yours.

Brenda Mc

Yeah Teddy is very sweet. I sat on the floor with him and he was very happy be be petted initially, but then I thought I would try to pick him up to take him out in the front yard, and he did not like that - snapping and barking; so thought I'd leave him for today, and let Carol do that. Owen is still the most sweetest dog - I had him out in the yard a few times, and spent some time laying on the laundry floor with him too. - Owen and Teddy were sleeping side by side at one point- nice to see. At least Teddy seems to like Owen. What's not to like?
Oh, and Max had slimey red mucous coming out of his mouth BEFORE he was given the dry food - sorry about the food, I felt bad he didn't have any, and when I gave it to him, he dove in and ate quite a bit of it, as well as the canned. I should've asked 1st.
Carol, I left the Tylenol #1's on the counter for you too.


hope you feel better soon Carol. Is max cat the boy from thornhill pound? Teddy looks for affection and then lets you know when he's had enough, reminds me of a tame, but undersocialized cat.