Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2013

jerry is such an ass. I was in a real hurry to get up this morning cuz I really had to pee and jerry was wedged upside down in the small of my back. I was trying to reach behind to move him, he was pissed at being disturbed and trying to bite the hands that want to move him.
arghhh...nothing here is ever easy, including getting out of bed!

andrea went home yesterday with jingle's and maddie's foster mom...great big hurray! she is going to be so very happy there!!

the bloodwork is back on the three new cats...they are all negative for FIV/FeLV, everything is pretty normal except Sylvester is hyperthyroid. given his age, this is to be expected, we will start him on meds and see how he does.

teddy and owen seem to be doing quite well together, each is accepting of the other blind dog.
angel is back to her usual self...what a relief.

max-cat is doing ok with his virus but he is not over it yet..i am thinking he may need another convenia injection to cover him thru this last part of the virus because of his extreme age. I will call the clinic and see what they say.

that freaking house phone has been ringing almost non stop since 6 pm last night. I have no idea who after all of these years still has that number...must be some kind of computerized telemarketer...annoying as all get out!

well..Fernando is now wedged into my is chilly in here this morning and he is cold. won't be long until we are in the midst of winter and another year will be gone.

I guess I should get moving but I really don't want to.