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i so do not like halloween

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2013

we do ok up here cuz we we close all windows and dog doors, lock everyone in, leave on all the lights, turn up loud, all the TV's/radios.
it drowns outside firework noises out and everyone does fine inside of here.

except for me...the lights, the constant too loud noise from the TV' bugs me. it is not peaceful, it is not quiet, it is not restful, it's hours of bright/noisy assault on my senses...I do not like it at all.

I always feel so sorry for the animals left terrifying. the pounds fill up with panicked lost strays, and some never do make it to safety..they die out there, alone.. afraid.

I just watched the documentary "blackfish."

humans are so weird..we keep domesticated, human home dependent animals away from us where they would feel safe and we take wild creatures never meant to be held captive by humans, imprison them and slowly drive them insane.

we honestly as a species just do not give a shit about anything except getting whatever it is that we want...dogs and cats abandoned alone out in backyards, killer whales and dolphins trapped in cement bathtubs with millions of humans standing around watching the tricks and cheering them on..we think all of it is a-ok.

we make me sick.


another Doreen

I appreciated my old deaf dog last night too. After years of staying home and trying to protect my dogs from the stress of doorbells and fireworks, I was actually able to take them for a walk around the neighbourhood and see what other people were doing. I kept them on short leashes but old Tyke didn't hear when the fireworks went off. And my other dog Sable wasn't bothered by them either and he was fascinated by all the people and children out walking around. It was a much more interesting and less stressful Halloween for all of us!


Bunny, at the top of the page that comes up on your link is a line that says 'our signature programs'. one of those is the Shelter Challenge. Click on that and you get the voting page and once you have voted for a shelter next time it will say this is what you voted for last time and shows a vote button. No matter what you do it will always come up on the home page first. They want you to see all their ads and stuff.


I was dreading Halloween because of the fireworks and just the constant knocking on the door. My 3 dogs go wild. Well, this year was different. They are 14, 14 and 10. It was very peaceful and they all slept through it. I know one is totally deaf but maybe the other 2 are too now. Who knows but it went very smoothly. Another good thing about old deaf dogs. Ha Ha

Bunny Horne

Any chance the Shelter Challenge button on the right of the blog can be updated so that when you click on it you go directly to the page where you can vote?
Currently it takes you to:

This isn't the page where you can cast a vote. I'm sure most people don't have time to search for the page where you can cast a vote. If it's too onerous a task people simply won't vote and clearly SAINTS needs to win these challenges every time we are eligible to participate.

Barbara DeMott

The other night I let my shepherd out in the yard with me not realizing that the fireworks had started. Our yard is fenced, but when we walked to the back (half acre), I heard deer crashing around outside the fence in a panic because of the fireworks. So they suffer too because of those idiots blowing fireworks on the street.
Try using noisy old fans that produce white noise not this TVs that produce inane noise....can sleep with those


I so agree with everything you just said....from the dislike for this "holiday" to the poor whales in cement tanks. I could make myself crazy with it all....
Thank goodness it's almost tomorrow.